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To Love Him | ✔ by CriticallyIntense
To Love Him | ✔by GC_Meade
HR-19SS | Sammy Walcott is the loner boy. The boy with scars and bruises. The quiet lacrosse boy. Sammy doesn't have a problem being alone and everybody has come to know...
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"You don't know how much I wanna kiss you right now and rip off that dress of you but i know that your not ready yet and I know that if I start it's not gonna end...
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Bad by starry9th
" Once you in my life, there's no going back..", he smirk like he's gonna blow me off. But his arms still tightly wrap around my waist. I gulped and said, &quo...
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Trust Till Dawn by BMel0425
Trust Till Dawnby Bianca Melanie
If someone told me that my life would change drastically this year, I would have laughed in their face. I would have disagreed with them to no end but I guess we never r...
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The girl next door by sophie_bingham
The girl next doorby sophie_bingham
Hi I'm y/n and I'm 17 years old. This year for summer break I went on a cruise with my family and my best friend Ella's family. I didn't go very well and It ended up jus...
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The Trouble Next Door  by Itzjustmeyuli
The Trouble Next Door by Yuli
(Book #1 of the underground series) Sierra is now 21 years old and in her last year of collage She lives in this apartment ever since she moved out from her parent hou...
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The Boy Next Door by Therealsheniyah
The Boy Next Doorby Therealsheniyah
Read to find out what happens.....
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Next Door  by PricelessMasson_
Next Door by Priceless Masson
"I'm glad we're next door neighbors," He breathes, "it makes me serenade your soul with ease" My eyes widening in awe and I could feel my knees knot...
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The Cutie Nextdoor by chinnyca
The Cutie Nextdoorby shunya sankai
"Babes!" tawag ko sakanya. "Don't babes me" he hissed. "Edi baby" "No!" "loveydabs" "No!" "Sweetheart&qu...
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Dolans Next Door by Tinybuns14
Dolans Next Doorby ❤️ Lisa ❤️
I am a very poor writer, so this might make sense in my mind while it is total crap in yours, Sorry. . Sammantha moves in with her half brother after her mother died...
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I swear to always love you  by KhateraNimroozi
I swear to always love you by Kate
Eva's family is extremely traditional , but Eva wasn't to have fun and live like a teenager, she has to be the perfect daughter and sister she loves her family so much a...
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Belong With Me by tehyaannh
Belong With Meby -tey-
Cameron isn't your typical girl, she's slightly more sarcastic, wears a large amount of graphic tees, loves American football, and can beat almost everyone in bowling. B...
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Good For My Heart by sabbzz_
Good For My Heartby sabbzz_
what happens when bad attitude and snappy personality, Emerald Jones meets the golden boy Noah Brown next door? This story is based on two characters, both different but...
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Green Eyes by immachurchgirl
Green Eyesby Rayna Watson
When a Grace Jones moves in to the house next to James, his summer is flipped upside-down and finds himself head over heels for the ultimate Girl Next Door.
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Boys Next Door || Yandere Twins x Reader by Akasyi
Boys Next Door || Yandere Twins Akai Syiro
[COMPLETE] Y/n L/n just moved to Tokyo, she got an apartment that was bought by her parents from America. Her parents are rich so they transfer money to her, she is a se...
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The Boss Bitch Nextdoor//Ajax by xxxisaaxxx
The Boss Bitch Nextdoor//Ajaxby xxxisaaxxx
Hier zijn de rollen omgedraaid. Geen typische badboy, maar badgirl. Jesslyn is 24 jaar en woont in een appartementencomplex in Amsterdam-Zuid. In een best wel rijke buur...
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Neighbors Make Fine Lovers by PastelGen22
Neighbors Make Fine Loversby PastelGen22
Hazel Ambrielle moves to a new town with her three little brothers, three older brothers, and her mom. With her many brothers and struggling single mom, Hazel doesn't re...
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The Badboy Next Door #badboy #romance #teen fiction #forbidden #love by Christina_Westring
The Badboy Next Door #badboy Christina
"You want to go get tacos?" he asks from the gap between our houses "It's 2:34 AM! We have school tomorrow!" i shout being the good girl i am...
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Pianist Guy (Min Yoongi X reader) by lmoon98
Pianist Guy (Min Yoongi X reader)by Lmoon98
You had moved to a new place recently but you did not know that you would live close to the BTS.
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