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Take It Or Leave It by ofcrimeandpassion
Take It Or Leave Itby ofcrimeandpassion
Intense. Passionate. Freeing. But just a one off. Can you imagine waking up disoriented, in a strange place, and in bed with a total stranger? One night stands can turn...
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The Billionaires Unknown Heiress: His Billion Dollar Mistake (COMPLETED) by dihannakl
The Billionaires Unknown Dihannakl
Copyright © November 2014 All Rights Reserved She thought it would be a terrific idea to tell him the news as a wedding surprise. That morning at The Plaza, her mom's ad...
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I am a loser too (Bill denbrough x Reader) by omg_cholesteral
I am a loser too (Bill denbrough omg_cholesteral
(Y/n) moves to Derry Maine with her rich aunt after her parents died in a car crash. Little did she know what was to come in the future.
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Instagram || Wroetoshaw by SDMNxWDW
Instagram || Wroetoshawby <3
A Harry Lewis (Wroetoshaw) Instagram Story
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Stealing the Cowboy's Heart by Scarlett8998
Stealing the Cowboy's Heartby Rapunzel
Brooks Field is a small town with just enough people to make living there a living hell. Annika Sharp knows this all too well as she grew up as one of the wealthiest peo...
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Unknown Love by Whitefox_cx
Unknown Loveby 😗NO_REGRETS😈
Ryder and the Paw Patrol are doing great at keeping their town safe that is until Ryder meets a mysterious boy who is the son of Mayor Humdinger. What will happen if Ryd...
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Yaoi oneshots by SatansLizard
Yaoi oneshotsby Nagito Komaeda
Random oneshots (Requests open) and very few non-lemons ;3
One Night Stand || Simon Minter by SDMNxWDW
One Night Stand || Simon Minterby <3
{C O M P L E T E} Alyssa Avery has a one night stand that changes her life forever....
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Levi x Older Sister Reader by Maple5
Levi x Older Sister Readerby Maple The Awesome
Everyone knows how strong and plain 'Op' Levi Ackerman can be but there are still some things people don't know about him. One of those things is the fact that Levi had...
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Love in a Beautiful, Cruel World (Levi x Reader) ON HOLD by _nadinelouise
Love in a Beautiful, Cruel World ( ~itz ya boi~
This story is about a girl named, (y/n) (l/n). She is a part of the Survey Corps. One day, Commander Erwin informed her that she and a few other cadets are going on a m...
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Rejected by my best friend .... by ellesse100
Rejected by my best friend Ellesse
Lilly was rejected by her mate whom also happens to be her best friend Damien. Her whole family hatebher accept for her father the alpha of the Silver Night pack and the...
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till death do us part➵t.stark by Alyrockyforever
till death do us part➵t.starkby I Am Iron Man
For the ones who never got to say "I do." ➵ What was supposed to be a beautiful wedding turns into a desperate search for the missing bride when Alina Romanova...
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Rainbow Quartz 2.0 X Female Reader by SayonaraBakas
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 X Female Readerby 「 🌲·˚ ༘ 🍓☼ 」
You always knew that being Steven's friend,weird things would happen... But you never expected this. *SLOW UPDATES* Hi everyone! I just wanted to say that my updates wil...
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Cats: The musical Imagines by StarsAndSorrows
Cats: The musical Imaginesby Grizzy
Read the title! I have a problem, okay?
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No Regrets🖤 by Karol_Gray
No Regrets🖤by Koral Gray
Hayden Winters 🖤 People know him as the bad boy who stands out amongst the crowd with his "oh so hot looks". He is that arrogant hurricane who no one wants to...
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No Regrets! (Blaze X Reader) by kymbap
No Regrets! (Blaze X Reader)by SHSL Disaster
Highest Ranking: #1 in Blaze and Drop All it takes is one mistake to end something so precious. But, it's worth the risk. To have fun and "live" life. Just don...
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Feline Love  by Whitefox_cx
Feline Love by 😗NO_REGRETS😈
There's a new villain in town and he's quite a sneaker. Will the PJ masks be able to capture this new villain or will this new villain catch a certain cat's heart? Join...
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It Was Meant To Be~DraconiteDragon x Reader✔️ by GirlThats_Weird08
It Was Meant To GirlThats_Weird08IFG
"Crap, I think I'm lost" you mumble "Need some help?" ____________________ "What's your name by the way?" All this chaos, g...
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ᎻᏆᎡᎬᎪͲᎻ (art) by nxctxrne
ᎻᏆᎡᎬᎪͲᎻ (art)by 〚Anya Camello〛
Hiraeth (n.) A welsh idea similar to homesickness, defined as a longing to return to a home that never truly exsisted "Drawing makes me fell while, you know..? ...i...
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Nightmares and Secrets by Dewey_Duck
Nightmares and Secretsby Dewey Duck
What starts off as nightmares, turns into so much more. Louie tells Dewey his big secret, but, everyone else has a secret too. (DewLou book) (Hints of HueDew) Secrets Re...
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