Not a Complete lie.

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"She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes!"

"Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect!"

"And all the boys, they were saying they were into it!"

"Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck!"

"SHES DRIVING ME CRAZY!" The audience sang along with Harry, including Big Marvel.

It was the last song of the concert and I was exhausted from shouting and jumping.

"Thank you Seoul!" Harry Styles shouted into the crowd and everyone cheered as he walked off. 

We followed the flow of people out the stadium when the lights flickered back on.

"That was... AMAZING!" I yelled at Big Marvel, the only thought in my head was;

Harry winked at me?
Harry winked at me.
Harry winked at me!

"He didn't wink at you, he winked at the crowd." Big Marvel said in annoyance.

"How would you know mister mind reader?"

"You said that out loud, and it's a bit obvious." I just rolled my eyes in response to his dream crushing statement.

We found the car in the car park and drove back home. The car was filled with silence as neither of us could speak, we'd lost our voices.

"S-shoot," Big Marvel wheezed. "I forgot about the costume party tomorrow!"

"You're actually going to a party in a Hawaiian shirt?"

"Duh, we went shopping for one remember?"

"Yeh, I know I just assumed it was a lie, because of the *cough* you know J-Hope situation." I scowled.

"Oi! It wasn't completely a lie. The party is being hosted by J-Hope..."

"REALLY?!" The blood drained from my face. "You're lying, you said the party was yesterday."

"Yeah, I got it wrong. I'm not lying it's true! I used to know him when I was beatboxing as a profession."


Big Marvel smirked and sighed. "Don't believe me? Come to the party and you'll see."



We got out the car went to our rooms and went straight to bed since it was one in the morning.

If J-Hope is hosting this fancy dress party I will cry.


I turned off my alarm as soon as it woke me up, and I dragged myself out of bed, not looking the greatest.

The costume party starts at 1:00pm. So that leaves me more than enough time to get ready.

I did my morning routine and I ate breakfast, all I had was toast. I caught up on my Instagram feed and then I got changed into gym clothes and jogged to the local gym.

It was light and early in the gym so it didn't stink of sweat and men. Plus all the good machines were free. I hopped onto the treadmill after I'd finished my leg workout. The only people in the room were two other men in their early twenties and one older lady.

I set the treadmill to setting five, when I heard someone get on the treadmill next to me.

"Y/n, I didn't know you went to this gym."

"Ay Big Marvel, seems like I can't escape you anymore."

"Are you ready for J-Hope's party?"

I scoffed but chuckled lightly not answering the question. Of course I was.

"Gotta stay swole these days, do you even lift?" I nudged him and he almost lost his balance before replying.

"Bro I hit the gym minimum six days a week you come up here messing up my grind?" He mimicked the same voice I had put on -  which I did better - and tried to act buff. I made me laugh quite hard I had to turn the machine off before I fell off.

"I'm going to do some arm routines, you?"

"Um I'll stay here." He said a little red with blush,  as he turned up the setting and plugged his headphones in.

"Okay." I waved him off and started with a plank to warm up.

A few more people entered the gym and I hadn't seen Big Marvel in at least ten minutes. He probably have up and went home. I laughed to myself.

I walked around the gym looking for him quickly. I found him in no time, he was by the weights just putting a heavy set down.

"You ready to head home with me? I'm going to get ready for the party."

"Yeah, let's go." He said wiping sweat off his forehead.

We walked side by side out of the air-conditioned gym and jogged out into the heat, all the way home.

"Good thing it's a beach themed party, it's boiling today!" I moaned at the heat.

"I think it's a pool party too, I'll check on the invite."

We got home and I had a shower, turns out it is a pool party so I made sure to wear my bikini under my Hawaiian shirt.

"Are you ready to go to the party?" I yelled at Big Marvel through his door.


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