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"I really hate you!" I teased as Justin and I got to the premiere of our movie Escape. "hey, hate isn't a very nice word!" he laughed and I rolled my eyes. "did you invite chazzy bear and Ryan to the after party?" he nodded and we stepped out of the limo and walked to the red carpet as everyone screamed and flashes went off. Justin and I went separate ways to take pictures and do short little interviews.

"Brooke you look beautiful like always!" a photographer smiled. "thank you!" I gushed and continued smiling. Justin walked over and put an arm around my waist and smiled with me. "you guys are so cute together! how hard was it to film this movie hating each other?" we both laughed and shrugged. "it was difficult kissing Zac in front of Justin and I bet it was awkward for him kissing Miley Cyrus." we nodded and looked at the interview dude.

"Miley was Linda, am I Right?" the guy put the microphone in front of us and I nodded. "yeah, she did a very good job! I've known Miley for 5 or 6 years now and she is a wonderful friend!"

the interview guy nodded as Miley, Zac and the guys that play Justin's gang pulled up.

"there they are!" I laughed and walked over to them and we all exchanged hugs. we took pictures together then walked into the theater to watch the movie. escape flooded across the screen and it looked like it was in a lit up hallway. the word escape started bleeding and all the lights blew out and lights by Ellie Goulding started playing as I showed up on the screen and walked down an old dirt road.....


After the movie we stood up out of our seats and walked onto the stage as everyone cheered and whistled. "wow I didn't think it was that intense while we were filming, did it guys?" they shook their heads and laughed.

"when we were filming, David wasn't choking me hard enough so I had to yell at him so he would fix it! he was so scared he was gonna hurt me" everyone laughed and we told more jokes and things about the set then we said our goodbyes and left for the party!"

(A/N: what will happen at the party?)

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