bring me home...

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*4 Days later*


from: Pattie

go ahead, were ready!

I Grabbed my laptop and went on Skype and video called her and I fixed my hat. I could hear the music cut in the background and all of a sudden I saw the beliebers... I've missed this sight so much!

they all screamed as Pattie walked out and waved and the gang followed her out. I waved at them all ad Justin walked over and started smiling.

"BROOKIE!" he said in a 2 year old voice.

"JUSTIN!!!!!" I said using the same voice.

"how you doin!?" he laughed.

I'm doing good!" I laughed until my friend Veronica "Ronnie" shot me with a tranq dart. "OW!"  I said pulling out the dart and looking at it. I threw it at her and she walked away.

"Storm come here!" I shouted as my little 3 year old shepherd and husky mix ran over and I picked him up.

the audience awed as I moved him towards the camera and he started licking it. "were coming home next week!" I cheered and wiped the camera lens off. they cheered and jumped around while all my friends walked over. they all smiled and waved while everyone saluted and laughed.

"I have an idea!" "who wants to play truth or dare!?" I yelled and everyone jumped up and down.

"okay, I'll go can help me out Justin said while all the girls screamed. I grabbed the laptop and we all sat down on the floor.

"Brooke I dare you to do 50 pushups!" my drill Sargent smiled.

"I knew I hated you!" I teased and got into the pushup position. "on your fists Jenner, let's go!"

"yep, you officially suck!" I said rolling my eyes.

"everyone laughed while I pumped out 50."

"you all suck...except for the beliebers!!!! you guys are the best!"

they all screamed.

I sat back up as Jake came into the tent with his German Shepherd named Trooper. Trooper ran over and jumped on me. "hi Troopie!" I laughed as he spun around and whacked my hat off with his tail and I fell back down. after a minute he got off of me and started playing with Storm. "we're under lockdown! the Taliban is in the area.

"Hey, Jake throw me my shotgun!" I screamed and he tossed it to me.

"Face time me!" I said and pressed end.

I looked right down at my phone and pressed enter. I put the phone on my phone stand and pointed to the door with our guns. she tossed me a clip of ammo and I caught it and slammed it into my gun. "alright Ronnie ready!?" I said quietly.

"hoorah!" she cheered and then I said it right after.

the lights came back on and we stood up.

"we got them chased out of the area for now! Jake said as we stood up and walked away.

should I tell Justin my secret??? I thought as we ended the face time.

no it will have to wait its a secret so clearly I'm not supposed to say anything.

I turned out my lights and drifted off to sleep. I was woken up by Ronnie, Jake and our buddy Conrad.

"what, can't it wait for a few more hours!?!?!?!?"

"were in our what used to be Base in the part that was left untouched...everyone thinks you're dead... even Justin."

"I jumped up and looked around."

-my phone's gone along with my laptop.- I thought.


after the concert we were hanging out at my place watching the news and we heard Brooke's Base had been attacked and there aren't any survivors. A big part of my heart broke and I started crying along with everyone else. "I told her it was a bad idea!!!!!!!!!" I said looking at the TV. "hi guys!!!!" Selena said as she shut the door behind her. "what's wrong?" she asked sitting on my lap.

"we have an update!!!! there are four

people alive at fort Chapman, Brooke Jenner, Jacob Kelvin, Conrad Harrison and Veronica Harrison. Private Jenner went into a coma moments ago. they're back in the us grounds, keep their families and friends in your prayers...Especially Jenner who's in critical condition."

I looked at everyone and they looked back at me like they didn't know what to say. "oh I am so sorry, Justin! that's too bad she flew too close to the sun didn't she?" Selena smirked.

"she's gonna be okay, now let's go guys we have a hospital to go to." I growled and pushed Selena off me. 

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