some things can change

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4 months later*

I woke up and stumbled downstairs to see my parents looking at the TV with droopy faces. "hey guys!" I smiled. "turn it off! turn it off!" they whispered and fumbled over the remote to turn it off but it was too late I saw it. "WOAH! SCOOT OVER!!!" I shouted as they got up and walked to the kitchen.

-18 year old Justin Bieber, admits that he's been dating Selena Gomez for the past 3 and a half months, after pictures of them walking on the beach and holding hands were released, the questioning started. here's the video clip from him releasing the news.

the video popped up and I saw Justin sitting with Jimmy Fallon. he looked so insane because his hair was cut down just a little bit. (2011 haircut)

"so Justin you got a special girl yet?"

" actually yeah, it is true that Selena Gomez and I have been dating for 3 and a half months" he said forcing a smile.

"what about Brookestin!?" Jimmy asked. "she moved on and she has a boyfriend most likely so I don't care... I didn't like her like that anyways" I tried to hold back the tears but a few didn't hold. mom came and sat down next to me and she waved my dad out of the room. "he's such a jerk! he promised me, mom!!!!"  I whispered. "Brooke, he can't wait for you his whole life, I've been staying in touch with Pattie and she says he's heartbroken that you left, and that he doesn't look at Selena the way he does to you." she said.

"so I meet someone new?" I asked her as my heart broke even more. "that's what I'd do sweetie...its best for you, now get ready for work!" she stood up and walked into the kitchen where my dad was then I heard sniffling... I know that she knows I love him.

I got my Aèropastale polo shirt on and grabbed my phone and got in my car and left.

A part of me wants to hate him but another part wants me to be happy for him. I don't know what to do...I'm like a puppy out in the cold rain that doesn't have a dog house. I pulled into the parking lot of the mall and went in to see Brandie standing at the clothing racks with Sarah.

they ran over and pulled me into a hug. "ARE YOU OKAY!? OH MY GOD IT WAS ALL OVER THE NEWS!!! I'M SO SORRY!" they both screamed and I laughed about how much they were freaking out. "It's okay you two, calm down, I'm moving on!" I said continuing to laugh. I walked to the register and looked at my was Mom.

"hey mom, whats up?" I asked.

"we're moving back to Georgia, we've realized that California isn't where you want to be and they said your father can fly here for a little while to finish up 22 Jump Street." she said quietly. "mom I can't go...I'm sorry but I refuse to go!" I said hopping up on the counter.

"sorry honey...we start packing tonight." she whispered and hung up.

I growled as the girls walked over.

"what's the matter boo?" they asked hesitantly. "I'm moving back to Georgia, can you believe this crap!? right when Selena and Justin start dating my mom decides to go back home!" I said leaning over the counter. "why would she do that?, that isn't fair!" Brandie whined. 

"you guys should come live with me! my parents won't care!!" I laughed.

they cheered and we started jumping up and down.

"want to get tattoos??? I want one." I said as I brushed off my jacket. "oh my gosh yes!!! we should get matching ones!" Brandie laughed. When break time came we walked next store and got matching tattoos. mine says love, Brandie's says hope and Sarah's says peace and we all have a flower around it. we had spare time so I had my hair dyed blonde.

we quit our jobs and walked to go pack up. we got on the plane and were on our way to Georgia.

we are back home after about 4 1/2 to 5 hours give or take, and honestly I am glad to be back. "well, you guys welcome to our crib!!!" I said unlocking the black polished up door. They gasped and looked at the beautiful chandelier with our spiral staircase underneath and the high-raised bright white ceilings. "its beautiful!" Brandie gasped. I smiled and looked over as I saw the crew standing at the door...even Jason.

I smiled and ran up to him as he pulled me into a hug. "What are you doing here!!!!" I said surprised. "you look so beautiful! I totally forgot how you looked...and the way you would smile at me when I'd do something stupid!"

I could see Ryan, Justin and, Chaz roll their eyes and scowl at the back of his head but I acted like I didn't see it.

Callie walked up and smiled as I ran past everyone and we ran to each other and started crying. "what did you do to your hair!?" she sobbed. I wanted a change...and I got a tattoo." we pulled away and walked back to the house so I could introduce her to the girls. We sat around a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows, just us teenagers, no adults. "So Chaz... you gotta girlfriend yet???" I asked watching the goo fall off my poker.

"no...I was waiting for you to get back but never mind. "Chaz, come here!" I said scooting over. He sat down as I looked up from the ground. "Listen guys, I need to tell y'all something." I said as the smile disappeared from my face. "wait hold that thought!" Justin said pulling out his phone.

I nodded and smiled as he smiled back. "Hey Selena!, yeah I'm busy...okay love you.. bye!" he hung up and put his phone back in his pocket. "okay So Brooke, what were you going to tell us?" he said relaxing

"I am thinking going into the Military, and going active."

"WHAT!?" a few voices said from behind us.

(a/n) sorry I haven't updated in forever! but, whoever those people are don't seem too happy to hear about her idea!!!!! who do you guys think it is!?!!!

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