this isn't real

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We got to the arena and walked inside. I made my way to the stage and found my parents sitting there with small smile. " hey guys!" I smiled and walked over.

"hi sweetie" they said as everyone else walked onto the stage and sat down.

"I don't think we should say anything to her yet...maybe we should wait until she's older." mom whispered but I heard it anyway.

"tell me what?" I asked curiously.

"too late!" Mom said sitting back.

"look guys, I got to go but I'll be back in a little bit... I'm going to go on a walk."

mom cleared her throat so I sat back down and looked to my left.

"Brooke do you remember your dad?" mom asked.

"huh?, what?, HUH!?"

"do you remember your real Dad?"

"yeah, I'm staring right at him."

"I'm actually your step dad Brooke, your real dad was David Clarke, ring a bell at all?"

I put my hand over my mouth and stood up and paced back and fourth a few times. "I don't think I believe you, I can't force myself to." I said still pacing.

"Brooke do you remember this house?" Mom asked handing me a picture of a house in the Hamptons then all the memories came flooding in.


"Dad!" I screamed as he was beaten to the floor and a man held me back.

"I'll be okay Amanda...don't worry about me, I'll be fine." he said looking over at me. I broke free from the mans grip and ran over to him and started crying. "Daddy, Don't go! Don't let them take you!" I said as the tears streamed down my face.

"Amanda... you need to go live with your mother she lives over by Jack Porter. everything will be fine."

they continued to beat him senseless and then drag him to the police car. it was all because of the Grayson's!

*end of flashback*

"oh my god, Amanda Clarke...that was me wasn't it!? this whole time you lied to me! where is he!?"

"he's dead...he died in prison... he was framed for things he didn't do."

(A/N:) Hey guys, if you've seen the TV show revenge on ABC you will get the similarities...I've decided to make the story interesting...hope you all like it.

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