great times

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"welcome the beautiful...Brooke Jenner!" Jimmy laughed as I walked out and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Jimmy!" I giggled and we sat down and then my phone started ringing.

"ugh....I bet its Justin!" I growled and ignored the call and put it in my pocket.

he laughed and leaned back.

"okay we have three games were going to play. were playing war and epic lip sync battle! followed by a dance off and a look at your new movie and a performance, am I right?" I nodded and we stood up and stepped into a metal bathtub with a deck of cards, 5 glasses of water.

we played war and I ended up winning but he poured the water on me when I didn't even notice it. someone from the audience tossed me a somewhat full water bottle and I poured it on jimmy. we were staring each other down until everyone started screaming and the loudest were teenage girls, I know exactly what's going on!

Before I could react ice cold water splashed over my head. "that's what you get when you don't answer your phone!" Justin smirked.

I ran backstage and got a big water gun. When I crept out they were talking. I crept around the back of the couch and then jumped over it and sprayed them as my side slid on the ground. They laughed and wiped the water off of their faces. "we will be right back! coming up next is a teaser trailer for Brooke's new movie only on The Tonight Show!!!!!"

we went to break and they went to go change. about 3 minutes later they came on stage and we sat down. "Welcome back to the tonight show, we are here with Lil' B, Brooke Jenner and Big B, Justin Bieber!" we smiled and waved then turned back.

"you know that would be an awesome rapper name, Lil' hanging with Lil' Wayne!" I said as the audience laughed.

"We know this is what you guys have been waiting for, you can see the teaser trailer for Brookes-, no sorry Lil' B's movie Escape,"

the Lights dimmed as a screen rolled down and started playing with dark mysterious, creepy music as escape bled onto the screen...literally it looked like blood as it rushed in.

*Teaser trailer from Brooke's character, Kayla's pov*

"Hey, Kayla let's go this way!" Linda said as we walked through the vacant dark parking structure. I looked around but Linda was gone. "Linda, Linda where are you!?" I frantically looked around then took off running to my car until it was pitch black and I could feel someone breathing on my neck then I let out the most ear shattering screech as someone grabbed and hauled me away.

Brooke's POV:

the lights turned on and indistinct chatter filled the air. "wow, are there any secrets you can tell the actors?" Jimmy asked.

"actually yeah, Justin is also in it, his name is Lane...there's actually a big fight scene between me and him. Zac Efron is Kayla's Boyfriend, Luke." Jimmy nodded.

"any plot leaks?" I thought for a minute then nodded.

"yeah, Luke and Lane are both from two rival gangs and they both like Kayla so they keep butting heads and she ends up getting kidnapped by Lane's buddies." Jimmy sat there and took it all in.

" so, Lane didn't kidnap you?" I shook my head.

"nope his friends kidnap her and keep drugging her behind Lanes back." the talking started back up again.

"wow! everyone's getting tickets to go see it when it hits theaters!"

everyone cheered and hugged as jimmy Justin and I smiled "and here's another secret, its based off of my life, in a way." Jimmy looked at me and smiled "this should be interesting!"

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