walking on blurred lines

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we walked into the studio and a lady greeted me and brought us to a dressing room. "Those are all the clothes you'll be wearing, they're numbered so you can tell what one to be in...and you keep all the outfits." we skimmed through the 10  costumes. "I don't know about this" Justin sighed and picked up a bikini top and a pair of daisy dukes that had #THICKE across the butt. they all looked at disgusted but I grabbed the outfit from him and started squealing. "those are sooo cute!" Chaz, Brandie Sarah and Ryan walked in with an older lady and shut the door. "we got the hair and makeup stylist!" they looked at the outfit and cringed except for the girls they ran over and snatched it. "cute beach outfit, you could so rock it!!!!" they giggled. "yeah she could, wouldn't mind seeing it either!" Ryan  said a little too loud. We all turned around and looked at him "RYAN!" I shouted and threw a shirt at him.


"how do you think you said it???" Justin growled.

"I thought I whispered it to Chaz, but I guess not". I rolled my eyes and sat in a chair so the lady could do my hair. she made my long thick hair straight until it got tho the ends and it flipped then for the finishing touches she put a orangish-red bow on the ponytail holder.

I put on the first outfit and we all walked out of the room. "oh my god guys, its him and pharrell!" I said stopping. "he's cuter in person!" Brandie and Sarah giggled. I giggled back then walked over to them and the directors.

"Ah! you must be Brooke!" Robin and Pharrell smiled.

"in the flesh!" I smiled and shook their hands.

"wow, you're prettier in person!" they both complimented me.

I blushed and the director called for the photoshoot. after a half hour to an hour we wrapped up and I went to go change. A younger guy, about my age walked up and handed me a business card. "my name is Gary Marshall, I'm impressed with your work Brooke... I'm an editor for sports illustrated." my eyes got big and I actually dropped my jaw.

"wait! you mean like Kate Upton modeling!?" I exclaimed.

"indeed!" he said handing me the card "my number is on the back if you decide to give it a shot!" and with that he walked away.

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