don't give away

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"I don't know who I am anymore! I just don't know" I said walking up to a glass mirror to see my dad staring back at me. when I looked back down I was a little girl again, I was careless and worry Free. then the flowery meadow shifted into a white house...our house in the Hamptons to be exact...then there was Jack Porter my best friend that helped me up when I fell down and made me smile when I was sad.

I got up and saw that I was laying on my couch in my dressing room. I looked at my vanity and saw a box sitting on it. I walked up to it and saw two infinity signs laced through each other. I opened it and saw pictures and discs.

I jerked it off the vanity and ran over to the couch and put a video in.

A little girl and a man popped up on the screen as they ran across the beach. I'm assuming that this is me and him. I continued watching the video as Jack and a Golden Retriever ran up.

"I remember that dog!" I muttered.

it took me a few minutes of silence until I remembered Every single thing including our dog Sammy, I haven't seen him ever since the house was broken into.

everybody walked in as I shuffled through the pictures.

they all sat around and I pulled out another video... this was the night the men broke in.

"do you want to see what happened that night?" I asked somewhat frightened. they nodded and I popped the disc in


We sat around our fire pit with Sammy on my lap. we talked until people started banging on doors.

these men in FBI uniforms broke in and grabbed me, Sammy and my dad. "DADDY!" I screamed bloody murder. "Sammy barked and growled at the men so one of them shot him with a tranquilizer and he collapsed to the ground.

they dragged my daddy outside and shoved him into a car and I started screaming bloody murder again but much louder.

it paused and showed a picture of the Grayson's.

I looked at my mom and she threw me house keys.

"kids, you're moving to the Hamptons" mom said smiling

"Good because I have some revenge...and its gonna be sweet." I said glaring at the Grayson family on the TV. "you can't do it alone!" a male said.

I looked away from the TV and saw my best friends Nolan Ross and Jack standing by the door.

I walked over and we pulled each other into a hug. "long time no see!, now let's make the Grayson's pay!"

a devilish smile rushed onto their lips and I smiled.


We got to the house and I walked up the porch stairs scared of going inside.

"hello, I'm guessing you kids are the new neighbors!" a middle aged lady smiled. I'm Brooke Jenner, that's Justin, Ryan and Chaz along with my new friends Jack and Nolan. I said lying about Jack and Nolan. "Jack Porter, right?" she asked.

he nodded and an older guy and a boy and girl walked up.

"this is my husband Conrad, my son 

Daniel and my daughter Charlotte."

I smiled at them and turned around.

"want to go unpack you guys?" I yelled to the beach.

Justin picked Callie up and threw her in the water. "I gotta go to Grayson global so we gotta hang out soon." he smiled and walked away.

they all ran up and looked at me.

"I've got them just where I want them." I smiled.

someone put their hands over my eyes and I think I know who it is.

"Talk!" I laughed.

"its Aiden!" Jack blurted out.

"oh my god you've gotten old!" he shouted.

"shut up!!!" I laughed and walked inside when the pain hit me like a brick wall.

"DADDY!" the memory whipped into my mind but I just shook it off.

Jack ran in with a golden retriever as Ryan Justin Chaz Nolan and Aiden ran back in.

"SAMMY!?!" I said on the verge of tears. "OH MY GOD IT IS YOU!" I said as he ran over and threw himself into me. "you've gotten so old!!!" I said with a deep voice. "but somethings never change

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