saying Goodbye

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Callie and I sat in the Cold bright Room waiting for the doctor to come in so the check up can start. about 3 1/2 flappy bird games later he came in and sat Down. "hello ladies how are you all today?" I smiled at him and shrugged. "great!" he nodded and looked at us. "we have good news and bad news." I looked at her and she looked back at me. "good first..." she sighed and looked at me. "You're pregnant" he said and shook her hand as she shrieked and I highfived her. "are you ready for the Bad?" we nodded and sat back. "miss. Callie you were diagnosed with stage 4 of breast very sorry'' I started crying and walked over to her. ''she's going to be okay right?" He sighed and looked at her. ''there's nothing we can do, we wanna try Chemo but, that's your decision if you want to." I looked at her and she wiped her tears. "I don't want Chemo, It hardly works." he nodded and gave us both a hug. "I'm so sorry girls... I wish you and your guys' familys and friends the best of luck." we walked to the door and smiled. "Thanks doc!'' we walked outside and got in the car and she cried on my shoulder. When we got to the Hotel everyone ran over and she started crying. "Guys there's good news and bad news what one first?" They looked at us and sighed. "good...'' Fredo said sadly then looked down at the ground. "well, Fredo I'm pregnant....'' Everyone started cheering and  hugging her. "But, bad news.....I have cancer. I'm dying as we speak." she wiped the tears off and everyone just broke down in tears. "so you're dying!!!!????" Fredo flipped and she nodded and hugged him. "There's nothing the doctors could do its already taken up most of my body...Chemo wouldn't work."  We all did a group hug and Justin looked at me then everyone else. ''Brooke has some news too.'' he smiled and I nodded. "I'm also pregnant and everyone has to guess the Gender!!!!" they all started screaming and jumping and I gave callie a hug. "Justin you're the daddy so you're first. "It's um....a girl?" I nodded and they jumped around and hugged me. ''Callie it's gonna be so hard saying goodbye..."

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