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After the photoshoot we walked to the car and headed back to the hotel. "should I do it you guys!?"

"I vote no!" Justin protested.

"and why not, she's perfect!?" Pattie asked as I flipped down the visor and put more lipstick on. I flipped it back up and looked at them in the backseat. "I mean come on guys, I could be friends with Kate Upton!"

"wait, you said Kate Upton!?!" Justin said leaning forward. "ya! you three can hit on her while I go hang out with the guys!"

"I'm down with that!!!" They cheered.

"so its settled, y'all can hit on the ladies will I hang with the hot guys!" I winked and jumped out of the car.

"Brandie, maybe we can find some cutie!" she laughed as Sarah pulled into the driveway behind us. she got out of the car and we ran over to her and started jumping up and down and screamed.

"why are we screaming!?"

"we're going to be hanging out with hot models soon that's what!" I screamed and pulled away.

I looked at my phone and answered it.

"hey dad!"

"hey I gotta really long party you want to invite your friends over?"

"yes! and I've gotta show you and mom something."

"okay baby girl, we will see you soon. love ya!"

"bye dad" I said and hung up.

"Get ready y'all! were going to celebrate!" we got into the car

at the house we walked in and I handed them the pictures.

"hashtag Thicke!" my mom laughed

"shut it mom!" I laughed.

"you know I'm only kidding look like an Italian model, Just like your aunt Camilla!"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. " I know mom, whenever you see a picture of me you always say it." I hissed

"well, its only because true!" I rolled my eyes until the 80s song Sister christian started playing on my phone. "Hang on that's Usher." I smiled and answered it.


"hey usher!" I laughed

"sup girl!"

"oh nothing, and scooter wanna come over?" I asked

"yeah, we will be over in just a minute!" he said hanging up.

"okay bye" I muttered sarcastically and threw my phone onto the couch. "Brooke you were booked for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!" Pattie said looking up from her phone.

"great! when?" I asked excitedly.

"tonight!" she giggled.

"okay then let's get on the boat and party!" my friend Jenny fired up the boat and we walked in and just us teens, no adults. we were having a blast until I turned around and saw Selena and Jason standing there

"well, why weren't we invited?"

Jason started stepping closer and we were out here alone, just me him and Selena. "you guys can go in the party room and hang out, I'm fine with it!"

"nope, we came here for you!" Jason said proceeding to come closer.

I looked around and started running for the edge of the boat as Justin and all them ran out. Justin put his hand in front of me so I couldn't get passed.

"no!" I turned around and Selena and Jason came out.

"I got passed Justin and I jumped into the water as I heard overboard playing, bit it was me and Justin when we got bored in the studio.

I could feel the darkness creeping up around me as I choked and started drowning until I felt an arm wrap around my stomach and pull me onto the boat. "am I dead yet???" I coughed

"nope baby you're still here" Justin said kissing my head.

(a/n: this next chapter will start at the Tonight show!)

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