do I really know???

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"Do you love him at all?" Callie asked as we sat at the swings at the park while the guys were playing football. " I've been asking myself that a lot, and-and I-I think the answer's yes.

It's just, I'm trying to remember how that works." I said leaning against the chains while I kicked the dirt beneath me. "I don't want you to get upset and defensive but I don't think Jason is the guy for you, hon" she replied. "I've been starting to think the same thing, I can't breakup with him because if I know how it ends up, you've dated him." I sighed.

"I get how it is sweetie he is the biggest jerk I know." she giggled.

I picked up a white dandelion and blew on it as the seeds floated into the air. I looked at the ground and saw a purple tulip in the soil. I pulled it out and looked at it as the guys walked up. we got up and walked to the car as my phone went off.

"ugh!" I growled and pulled out my phone. "home of the whopper, what's your beef?" Justin said after he grabbed my phone. "put it on speaker!" I mouthed to him and he did. "where's Brooke, Justin!" Jason sneered. "she's dead, Jason move on!" I said using the deepest guy voice. "I know that was you, Brooklyn so just stop." he growled

"Drats! you should just break up with me since you're mad at me!" I scoffed. "what is up with you lately, you have the personality of a wet mop!" he screamed through the phone. I grabbed the phone from Justin and held it to my face. "JASON WHY DON'T YOU DO US ALL A FAVOR AND GO JUMP OFF A FREAKING CLIFF!!!"

I pressed the end button and jammed my phone back into my boot. the guys laughed and high fived me. "well you chewed his butt out, how do you feel!?" Callie screamed. "awesome!!!!" I looked at my phone when it went off and sighed. after putting it on speaker I set it on my lap.


"what Jason? I can't talk long.

"It's because of Bieber, isn't it!?"

oh my god Jason shut up and let me talk!"

"go ahead, I dare you!"

"I think we should breakup..."

"whatever, goodbye" he said hanging up. "bye bye!" I said blowing a kiss at my phone. "Hey guys my mom said that she needed to talk to me we should go back to my place."

we drove to my house and I opened the big steel gate. We all walked in and saw my family (the crew, we aren't actually family) sitting in the chairs.

"sit down you guys" my mom said softly, with a little bit of sadness.

we sat down and she stared deeply into my eyes. "Brooke, we're moving to California, your dad won't be home anytime soon." she said

( Btw: my dad is Channing Tatum)

my mouth dropped open. "mom I... I can't leave, what about Jason, Justin, Ryan Chaz and Callie!?, you can't expect me to say yes to this!" I protested. soon after that I was yelling in French. I walked outside and slammed the door behind me.


"so...she speaks French, that's hot..." Chaz said trying to break the awkward silence. I elbowed him in the shoulder, one: to tell him he should shut up, and two: because I got jealous. "ow!!" he cried rubbing his shoulder. "That is pretty hot though!" Ryan smirked and I threw a pillow at his head causing him to lose balance and fall off the couch. Callie looked at me with a grin and pulled out her phone. A minute later I got a text from her saying 'jealous much?' I gave her a dirty look and she raised her eyebrows. I will go talk to her...she's most likely in the back by the lake, boys, you're coming with me!"

we got outside and we walked to the gazebo where she was standing. "here we go" I muttered to myself.


the guys and Callie walked out and I turned around, still leaning on the railing. Justin stood next to me and the guys were on the other side staring at me. "guys can you stop drooling over her for a minute!?" Justin and Callie yelled synchronized. they must've gotten embarrassed because their face turned red and they both looked away quickly. "thank you!" they said synchronized again. "I guess I'm going to California,not much we can do about it...its final." I said turning around

"you can't leave your Bieber alone, do you want me to cry???" Justin plead. I started to tear up and I pulled him into a hug.

"I'll wait for you" he sniffed.

"okay Jay" I sighed and we all walked back to the house for me to start packing.

"I'm going to keep the house just in case you want to move back in a few years." mom said as we took the last of our stuff to the U-Haul. "after everything was packed up the group came out and said goodbye to me.

"well, this is it..." I sighed.

" Callie, I hope you become a dancer like you dreamed" I said as we both wiped the tears and hugged. I said goodbye to everyone else then walked up to Justin.

I smiled at him and tried to blink the tears from my eyes. "remember what you promised me" he said quietly.

I nodded and gave him a hug and surprisingly pulled me into a kiss and I kissed back as everyone cried and cheered.

we let go and walked to the car and I got in.

goodbye Atlanta... I'm gonna miss you. especially you Justin.

(a/n) poor Justin!!!! will either one of them break the promise!? *if you are a walking dead fan read my book WALKING WITH CARL, it's my other new fan fiction. thanks guys! hope you liked first chapter!!! love you beautiful beliebers!

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