they're screwing with the wrong people!!!!!

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"so why are you checking out the armed forces?" my friend Jake asked. he's a recruiter.

"its been my dream to be in the military" I lied.

"great!, have you considered a branch?"

"I was thinking about the Marines."

"okay!, have you told Justin yet???"

" I told everyone that I'm hosting dinner....nobody knows"

"Godspeed, sweetie you leave in two weeks!" he laughed.

"thanks Jake!" I said sarcastically.

he gave me his number and I left.


Everyone sat down and I looked at my phone as the guilt piled up inside me, I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach for some stupid reason.

hey guys...listen this isn't the reason I called you all..." I said looking down. They exchanged confused looks. " I enrolled in the Marines...100 percent this time."

I pulled the papers out of a bag and tossed them onto the table. "I leave in two weeks" I said standing up and walking off.

I went up to my room and sat down on my bed. After a minute or so Justin and the guys came in. they smiled and sat down next to me and pulled me into a group hug. "its going to be okay, I mean I'll be over seas but I mean hey, I'll Skype you guys! you three are my best friends, well one of you three is more but still" I said smiling. Ryan and Chaz glared at Justin because of the last part and he just smirked at them.

"not my fault you guys were too late!" he laughed and Ryan ripped Justin's beanie off and hit him with it while Chaz flipped him off. I walked to my closet and grabbed my handguns, Bow and my 12 gauge shotgun.

"Let's go guys were all going on a date!" I giggled

they jumped off my bed and tried to push each other out of the way.

"I'm taking the idiots to a firing range!" I said as they ran down the stairs and Justin snatched his beanie from Ryan and we all looked at them.

I grabbed the keys to my Jeep and we walked out. I put the guns in the trunk and got in the drivers seat as they argued about who gets shotgun. I turned on black and yellow and turned up the base while I put more lip gloss on my lips. "Justin, up front, you two in the back!" I laughed.

Justin cheered and jumped in the front while Chaz and Ryan got in the back. We got to the firing range and went into the shooting area. "I gave them a handgun and a 3 mags of ammo. I grabbed my Colt Python and loaded the chamber until I looked over and saw Jason and Selena. "oh my god how funny running into you again!!!" Jason laughed.

"hysterical" I said flatly and sarcastically. "you don't seem happy to see me, Brooke what's wrong?"

"I hate you! you tried to kill me a few days ago!!!!!!!"

"hahah, that's epic!!!!!!" he smiled.

I could see Chaz raising his gun so I grabbed his arm.

"too bad I didn't succeed, wouldn't that be something!" him and Selena laughed. "I'll tell you what you're lucky people are around...but I will kill you Brooke, it may not be may not be tomorrow!" he said giving me a creepy smile.

I packed up the guns and we ran outside with them following right after us. "GET IN!!!!GET IN!!!!!!! I screamed to the guys. they got in and I backed out quickly but they followed right behind us. "Hang on guys were going into the field!!!"

we hopped the curb and I turned my four wheel drive on and floored the gas pedal. we hopped onto my street and pulled into the drive and I slammed on the breaks, jerking us forward.  we sat in silence and tried to catch our breaths. "everyone okay!?" I asked turning around.

"not important, are you okay!?"

"yeah, but they aren't... not after this"

they looked at me confused and I gripped the steering wheel. "they're screwing with the wrong freaking people..." I hissed

(a/n) this is all messed up!!!! what did you guys think about her attitude??? will it lead them to their own little war?

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