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We all jumped out of the cars and ran into the hospital. When we got there Chaz and Ryan were sitting outside her door. "Is she okay, guys!?" I panicked. I-I don't know Justin, she doesn't look good."

Mom and the group caught up and we all walked into the room. I walked over to her and looked at her  pale scratched up face. I put my hands on the side table and just broke down. I looked at her heart monitor

and it slowed down then went blank.

NO!!!!!get up Brooke, get up!!!!" I cried out as the doctors came in and I ran over to my mom and squeezed her into a hug as we both bawled our eyes out along with everyone else.

"her heart stopped... were going to try to jumpstart her heart, if it doesn't work she's gone. he said looking at her. "there's nothing else that can help?" I asked and wiped the tears that streamed down her face. "unfortunately, no I wish there was."

they started to jumpstart her heart when I gave up and walked into the hallway and leaned back against the wall.


Justin walked out while they were trying to save her. "get up Brookie! please wake up!" I said quietly and looked at the ceiling. they shocked her one more time and her heart monitor went steady again. I laughed and smiled to myself as I saw her eyes open. "Oh my god Brooke!!!!!!!!" we all gasped. she smiled and waved me over. "where's Justin?" she whispered, her voice a little raspy. "I'll go get him sweetie, he's out in the hallway panicking." I smiled and turned towards the door. when I opened it he looked up and smiled faintly. "Justin..."

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