I'm coming home

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"hey, Justin..." mom said peaking her head around the corner then walking out. "she's dead isn't she?" I asked.

"why don't you go see for yourself." she answered back sadly. I walked back in and then our eyes locked.

"B-Brooke!?" I yelled and walked over.

"Justin!?!?!?!" she yelled back.

we hugged and then started crying.

"thank god you're not dead!!!!!" I whispered and stroked her head.

"Chaz Kenny and Ryan are here!" they said through the door.

"act dead!" Justin whispered.

I nodded and leaned backwards as everyone laughed. "you all have to cry!" Justin said to everyone and they all started fake crying. mom got the door and pulled them in and they walked over. "is she awake?" they asked looking at me. "I'm afraid not you guys...she died at 3:00." Justin wept. "No...no....NO!" come on you guys stop screwing with us!" they plead. I sat up and screamed as they ran out of the room I must've scared Justin too because he had wide eyes. They walked back in and Chaz ran up. "are you a ghost? speak apparition!" he said squeezing my cheeks. "CHAZ I'M ALIVE!" I growled.

"wait this could be like that movie with Reese Witherspoon where she's in that coma and that guy is the only person that can see her so he's gotta save her, can you guys see her!?" he asked everyone. "CHAZ THIS ISN'T JUST LIKE HEAVEN!" I shouted causing him to jump again.

"her spirit is trying to communicate with us!" he said hiding behind Ryan.

"give me something so I can prove I'm not dead." I said looking around the room.

Justin handed me the phone and I held it tight then dropped it to the floor. "BROOKE YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!"

Chaz yelled and ran over and started hugging me. "yeah I am..."

"Brooke its Jason, let me in!"

"act dead! act dead!" Justin panicked

I laid back down as Justin opened the door.

"Brooke, I'm sorry..." he said walking in until he saw everyone standing there. "well this is um...awkward!" he mumbled as Selena walked in behind him.

"ugh this is pointless!" I said sitting up.

"Hi!" Jason growled and looked over at me.

"what do you want... there's only supposed to be a certain amount of girls in the room, so unfortunately you and you have to leave." I said pointing at him and Selena while Justin, Ryan and Chaz snickered.

"wow still failing at coming up with puns, I see...well, you'll see how much you need me I'll be waiting for you to come back." he said.

"godspeed hon, you're going to be waiting for a while." I smiled

"sure thing...I'll get you back he said winking at me and then carrying the look over to the guys. "and you three can't get in the way...especially you Justin, she loves me more." he said turning around.

"in your dreams hon!" I shouted.

"you always are" he smirked and slammed the door behind him and Selena.

"great...that was weird." I said and looked at everyone.

they nodded and saw the doctor walk in with my release papers. my mom signed them and we headed out. Home here I come!!!!

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