don't lie when you suck at it!

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I turned around and saw Selena, who could care less if I died... but it was Scooter and Kenny. "guys...I need to do something interesting in my life!" "why would you leave us like this!?" Chaz spat at me as Justin and Ryan looked at each other. "Chaz, you can't make my life decisions for me, I thought you loved me and you just want to see me happy!?" I said standing up and pacing back and forth. "I DONT WANT YOU TO FREAKING DIE OUT THERE FOR CHRIST SAKE, BROOKE...WE CARE ABOUT YOU!!!" he screamed.

"Chaz, I loved you from the second Justin introduced us, but if I can't make my own decisions I should just leave! have fun!!!! I've already been talking to a recruiter, so I can get enrolled!" I said not realizing that I just basically said I loved him in front of Justin and I knew that hurt him. I think I'm starting to scare everyone because they started wiping their eyes...Chaz was a lot!

"I should just leave....I should, I should go!" I said backing up then turning around and running off.

Justin's POV:

"she's crazy!" Selena whispered.

I..I think we should breakup, Selena." I said pushing her off me. "you're leaving me for her!? are you kidding me!?" she growled.

she just kept rambling on so I grabbed my keys and started to run.

"where are you going!?" they all yelled. "I need to go after her before he makes the biggest mistake of her life!!!!" It started to downpour as I saw her walking down the road. I ran up to her and shouted for her and she stopped and turned around.

"I'm leaving justin, I can't stay here...I can't live with the lies anymore!" she said sad. "you don't have to live with the lies anymore!" I said walking up to her and kissing her. it took her a second to figure out what was happening then she kissed me back.

I wrapped  arms around herwaist and pulled her into a hug.

"the thing I hated about Selena was, she wasn't you!" I smiled and looked at me. "I smiled and pulled her into another hug and I cried a little. " I love you, you may not think so because of the promise I broke but I figured you had a boyfriend"

"I believe you, and I love you're my other half." she smiled and wiped the tears.

"we stood in the street in the rain until we heard thunder and saw lightning. "we might wanna run!" I smiled and she laughed too. we got to the porch and sat down on the porch swing.

Brooke's POV:

"Best day ever!" we said at the same time until we heard thunder and we both jumped and I screamed. "I wrote some songs about you when you were in California most of them it was hard to sing without tearing up." he smiled and looked at me. "can I hear them?" I asked and he nodded and grabbed my hand and lead us to his studio.

"this ones die in your arms" he smiled as I sat on the outside in the swivel chair and pressed a green button.

Mhmm, uh-huh, yeah, yeah, alright,

Mhmm, uh-huh, yeah, yeah, alright,

Say you love me

As much as I love you, yeah

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