hanging on

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we walked into the house and grabbed Fredo Callie and the girls and pulled them up to the room. I set my phone on the bed and I grabbed a map of the area, a marker and a shoelace. I put an end of the shoelace in the middle of the map and tied the marker around the other end and drew a circle on the map.

"he will be searching the area inside the circle...my house is dead center." I said looking around at their faces.

I opened up my gun bag and handed everyone a pistol. "we can't take any chances, when I'm gone my dad will teach you to use them...I leave in 2 days."

*home from boot camp*

I got off of the plane and looked around and ran to the gang, I was sad because Justin wasn't anywhere in sight. Justin pulled up quickly in his Ferrari and jumped out. "Brooke!!!!!" he yelled over the paparazzi as he ran to me. "JUSTIN!!!!!!" I screamed and ran over and jumped into his arms. 

"god girl what have you been eating!?" he laughed. "Food!!!!" I growled.

we walked over to Fredo and Kenny... I swear to god they are crying. Kenny picked me up and then sat me immediately back down

"god bless America, you've gotten fat!" Kenny shrieked. "I'm not fat, I built up muscle!" I defended.

"oh yeah?, prove it! Fredo said as I looked at Justin.

"do you hear this guy!?" I laughed and Justin laughed and rolled his eyes. "hey Bieber, how much do you wanna bet that I can kick the crap out of your girlfriend?" Fredo instigated. "nope, she would win fair and square!" he shot back.

"let's go Brooke... you me and a mat."

I stared at him funny when he got it.

"ohhhhhhh that sounded so much better in my head!"

"Ya think!?" Justin growled.

"so, about the fight...when?" Fredo asked.

"NOW!" I yelled and kicked him in the stomach and he dropped to the ground. I landed on my feet and slowly lowered my hands down and loosened my grip.

"you win!" he said gasping over air.

I smiled and picked him up.

"am I dying?" he asked and looked at the lights.

"no, you're fine I just kicked you into the diaphragm.. now get up!" I said pulling him up.

he got up and lifted up his shirt. underneath it was a big purple and blue combat boot print.

"yikes!!!!!" we said

he set his shirt back down and stood up. "just um...go easy Fredo... it'll fade away sooner or later."

my phone started going off in my Palm so I decided to answer it.


"hello?" I asked the caller

" private Jenner?"

"speaking?" I said plugging my left ear.

"we need you overseas" the lady said. "when do I leave?" I asked her.

"4 days...we will arrange a time for departure.'' we said our goodbyes and hung up.

*end of conversation*

I looked at the guys and tried not to cry so I took my anger out on my phone. I threw it on the ground and walked away and sat in a seat in the arena. "what was that about!?" the guys asked as they jumped on the back of the seats in front of me.

"it's nothing...I'm not getting shipped overseas or anything stupid like that." I said in denial.

"come again!?" they said at the same time.

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