party time!

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I got dressed in bright pink ripped skinny jeans and a bright green crop top with purple supras and pink wrist length gloves that show my knuckles and part of the back of my hand.

I walked out and decided to make a secret appearance. my girls ran onto stage as boyfriend cut off and yeah! came on and the star trap shot me through the ground. I did the moonwalk over to Justin and the girls. Justin and I walked onto the area at the front of the stage that puts us in the audience.

"hey guys how's everyone doing tonight?" he shouted as everyone cheered. "guy's this is my girlfriend Brooke! she's joining the believe tour with me, I can't do it alone. he laughed.

"hey guys! are you ready to PARTY!!"

I yelled into the microphone. the audience jumped up and started cheering as I walked back to the stage. she don't like the lights started playing.

me, Callie and the other backup dancers ran off stage to put on our costumes. the other girls wore a white skin tight leather jumpsuit with white pumps and I wore a black one with black pumps and we wore high ponytails with our bangs curled. we walked to the opening of the stage as the guy backup dancers were dressed in black and they held camera's. We ran out at the same time as I leaned backwards and his backup dancer CJ did a front flip over me. the guys were taking pictures because the flash kept going off. A projector screen rolled down as an actual camera came over and I ran backstage with Callie. we were running down the hallway when a metal hall gate was put half way. "I'm going for it!!!" I whispered to Callie with a grin. "DON'T YOU DARE!" she whispered back. I picked up speed and slid underneath the gate and kicked it open so callie could run through it. "the dancers were behind us with the cameras as I stopped to wait for Callie. she passed me and grabbed ahold of my arm and we started running. I finally had enough and acted like I was kicking the crap out of them and they all fell to the ground and we ran to the star traps again. We shot up and kneeled down on one knee until I heard a familiar voice that made us both jump up and gasp.

"what is that doing here!?" Callie whispered and looked at Selena. "I'm trying to figure that out myself, come on, let's go find Ryan and Chaz and ask them. I looked to the other side of the stage and saw Jason walking towards us. "RUN!!!" I screamed as my voice cracked. we ran to my dressing room and we put the dresser in front of the door.

"open the door, I want to talk!" he said. we moved the dresser and unlocked the door. "there's nothing to talk about!" I said flatly.

he walked over and we started fist fighting. "CALLIE GO GET JUSTIN NOW! I NEED TO TALK TO HIM!" Jason screamed as I kicked him into a wall and she shook her head. "Callie go get him the concert is over anyways. I kicked his legs out from him as Callie ran in with Justin and Selena.

"so, how are you hanging, cutie?" he smiled. "get off of me!, you sick freak!" I growled as Justin grabbed him and threw him off.

"Screw you Jason!!!!" I screamed in his face.

he pinned me against the wall and his eyes were turning black. "Jason stop!!!!!! calm down!!!!!!"

he put his hands around my throat as Justin, Selena and Callie tried to pull him off. "Why are his eyes black!? what did you do!?" Selena asked. "I-I don't know I've never seen him act like this!"

I walked out and ran to find Kenny.

"Kenny!!!!! Kenny!!!!!" I yelled and ran up to him, Scooter and Fredo.

"what's up little B?" Kenny asked.

"It's Jason, he just tried to choke me!!!! his eyes were pitch black! it was horrible!!!!!!!" I cried as Fredo pulled me into a hug. Kenny slapped him and I heard him say "Justin will murder you if he sees you hugging her!"

right after that Justin ran over and Fredo pulled away.

"oh my god are you okay!?!?"

I didn't say anything, I just nodded.

Callie shined a flashlight into my eyes and checked out my wrists. they had black and blue bruises with scratches. "oh---!". "Don't say anything!!!!! he didn't hurt me, got it!"

"Justin does that look bad!?" she asked as he walked over.

he started threatening Jason then swearing so much and talking so fast I couldn't even comprehend what he was saying.

"its not a big deal, it will be okay!"

"this is not okay!" Chaz argued.

"I've made up my mind, I'm going in..."

(a/n: oooh she's going in! no more quiet little Brooke she finally snapped!!!!!!!!! will she turn cold or can Justin save her before the monster is created!?!?!?

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