a lot of drinking and new relationships.

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At the after party There were so many people. some drunk, others acting to be. Some sober and some high. I looked over and saw Fredo talking with Callie. "Hey Jay, what do you think they're talking about?" He looked away from chaz And to them. "I don't know, she's smiling that means something good is going on." I looked at him and back at them. "let's go sit at the bar and sit a few seats away so we can still hear" He nodded so I grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the bar. "Hey Justin, I'm scared...." he set his beer down and looked at me concerned. "I'm um....Okay here we go..." but i didn't say anything. "what's going on baby?" he pulled me into his lap and I looked at our hands. "Justin, You're going to be a dad..." He looked at me and gripped me into a hug and started smiling like a loon. "OH MY GOD!!! I'M GONNA BE A DAD!" tears fell down his face like crazy and I just smiled and nodded. "yeah, we will be parents!" I hugged him and he looked at my stomach. "I'm gonna have to princesses oh my god i'm so happy right now!" I giggled and pulled him up. "Hey, Jay breathe you're going to pass out!" he took sharp breaths then wiped the tears under his eyes and happily sighed. "we should get going, it's getting late." We got back to the hotel and I looked at Fredo and Callie, who were giggling and holding hands while holding hands and standing outside her room. ''AWW'' Justin said quietly to me.'' I know!!!! watch this!!!'' I turned around and started shouting Frallie really loud. Callie blushed and gave Fredo a small peck on the cheek then walked into her room and closed the door behind her. We ran over and jumped on him as he smiled and jumped up then down.''you guys a couple?" he nodded and looked at her door. "we have been for a while" I let out an ear shattering shriek and jumped on him again. ''how long?'' he looked at the floor and then up. "A month.'' I smiled and looked up. "she has a doctors appointment tomorrow. I hope all will go fine, im scared.''

(A/N; UH-OH WHATS WRONG WITH CALLIE? sorry for the short update)

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