for the first time in forever

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2 months later

Me and Justin broke up... simply because I don't trust him and Callie together on tour.


Just after the concert we changed and got back on tour bus. And left for new York. I got on instagram and saw a post from Brooke that made me lose my mind. I threw the phone and hit the wall and broke. Justin came out of the bathroom and said what the hell was that!? Go on instagram and look at the latest post from Brooke!!! OH MY GOD THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!! I grabbed Justin's phone and called her. What!? I couldn't call her!?! This is important calm down...

Oh my god Brooklyn how could you do this!!!!! You know I love Jason why would you hurt me like that!???! I yelled hanging up.

I ran up to the driver and said floor it were going to Maine! I yelled at Justin to call scooter to cancel the rest of the concerts. A couple hours passed as we pulled up to the chapel and ran through the parking lot and ran up bursting through the doors. I stood in the middle of the isle.


Do you take this man to be your husband? The priest asked as I looked at him and thinking when I felt him get irritated. Uh...yeah sure I smiled as he asked Jason as the gang kicked in the door.

Well well well if it isn't little Bieber here to rescue his girl how cute! Any last minute rejections, or forever hold your peace. All their hands shot up as he said oh well to bad he said kissing me as Justin got irritated and flipped out.


As I sprint over to Brooke and Jason I stand there saying what the hell you guys!!!! Do you know how me and Justin feel about this,I see panic flood Brooke's eyes. Justin ran up to us as the press ran in. Brooke dashed out of the chapel and ran into woods behind it. I grabbed a hold of Jason grabbing his ear and dragging him mumbling and swearing at him. As brook and I get into a little cat fight Justin steps in and yells knock it off you to you don't need to be fighting like this!!!! I am so sick of it. as we all walked back into the building with no words said Justin slowly walking into the bathroom I could tell he was thinking about what just happened as soon as Justin disappeared into the darkness Jason runs up to me and says Callie I still love you and always will as I am slowly backing up from him he push me into the wall and almost kisses me but luckily Justin is coming out at the right time and yells no get away from her you broke her heart running up to us he pushes Jason onto the ground Justin no I can handle him he is now my ex. As he gets up and brushing the dirt off his pants saying what do you mean ex you heard what I said we are done over I want you out of my life you hear me Jason McCann. As Justin surprisingly walking up behind me backing me up as Jason is saying at least I still have brook as I turn to Justin and step out the way I give him that look just in a blink of an eye Jason is on the ground again bleeding as Justin says you need to knock all this bullshit of I want you to stay away from these two girls you hear me or you will have to deal with me. As the three of us walk away leaving Jason to him saying now that I see you are dating brook again i can just have Callie all to myself as we are just at the door I turn around saying in your dreams honey flipping him off and returning to the tour buss. As we all get settled and sit down brook starts talking about what really happened


Well, after you guys left for tour he came over and forced me into marriage...if I don't marry him, I get dragged into the woods, shot and buried still alive. So I did it so I wouldn't get killed. He had men lined up around the whole woodland area, and he tried to brainwash me...

I walked into the kitchen and stood next to Justin. " I'm sorry you had to see that, I'm hoping that will be you and Callie in a few years!" I smiled.

"I was hoping that it would be us" he smiled and looked down as his smile reduced. I looked at my dress and sighed. "It'll be okay, he can't and won't hurt you anymore!" he said pulling me into a hug as the tears fell. "this isn't how I expected to get married for the first time." I said looking at the tattered white dress.

I looked away and closed my eyes.

"what are you thinking about???" he asked curiously. " wouldn't want to hear it." I said hopping off the counter.

"please tell me!" he begged.

"okay... I wish that I never woke up from that coma I was in." I frowned.

"don't you ever say that again Brooke! we may not be as close as we used to...and you know what way but you haven't ever not been on my mind!" he smiled causing me to smile along. "you'll always be the overprotective best friend that scared Ryan Durette off in 11th grade because he tried know."

"Ha I remember that punk, he went to kiss you then it kinda developed so I walked over and kicked the crap out of him!"

"ha yeah! remember that Player that "so he said" liked me?"

"Yeah, Me, Ryan and Chaz took care of that creep."

I started giggling and he looked at me.

"what?" I said still giggling a little.

"I've missed your laugh not being on tour!" he smiled and we walked out

should I tell him what Jason did???


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