alright I'll tell you!!!

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After we got back to the house we started a bonfire and sat around talking. "So how is you know going?" Pattie asked as I froze.

"Pattie we weren't gonna bring this up around them, you don't know how Justin will react!!!!" I whispered but it didn't work because they looked at us.

"Should I be concerned??" Justin panicked.

"see what you did!?" I said to Pattie.

"oops!" Justin bounced glances at us then pulled his melted rubbery marshmallow off his stick.

I looked away and sighed. "I can't tell you guys, sorry." the crew surrounded me and tackled me.


they all quickly sat down and I buried  my head in Pattie's shoulder.

"No I can't!!!!" she said using a high pitched voice. the guys groaned and I looked at them. "Fine I'll tell you...I signed up to be a Victoria's secret model..." they froze so I started panicking. "told you I shouldn't have said anything." Pattie sighed as I waved my hand in front of Justin's face but he fell over off the bench and Chaz and Ryan did the same.

"Girl, can I get your number?" Fredo said raising his eyebrows.

"Fredo you already have my number!" I sassed.

"Brooke do you know what hitting on a hot girl is?"

"Fredo...Justin's right there!" I coughed.

"he's oblivious... I mean watch this."

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"Justin Selena's here!" he didn't budge. I stood up and grabbed a cushion from underneath me. "I've had enough of this!" I crashed the pillow into his head and the guys' heads and walked inside so me and my girls can watch frozen.

(we are huge frozen freaks, just letting you know.)

I walked in and they were all sitting there staring at a note.


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