Our Son // Alice Cooper x FP Jones

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Alice walked into FPs trailer, tears streaming down her cheeks. FP notices her and stands up. "Alice, what's wrong" he asks, concerned. "No more secrets. No more lies" she begins. "I should have told you sooner. Maybe something would have been different" Alice rushed. FP places his hands on her shoulders. "I had your ba— I had your baby" she sobs. His eyes widened. "His name— I named him Charles. I—I— I had to give him up for adoption" Alice stuttered. Tears fill his eyes. "Alice. Slow down. Slow down, all right?" FP says. "He came to see me and I turned him away. And now he's dead. He's dead because of me. I killed our son" she cry's even harder. "Do—? Do you remember, FP? In high school?" She whispers. " Yeah, I remember Alice-" he says. "-I'm sorry" she cuts him off. "I— I made a mistake" Alice sniffles. FP moves his hands up to her face. "I'm sorry" she says again, turning around. "Wait, Alice" he tries to grasp hold of her again. "No,  I have to go" she tells him. "Are you talking about Chic?" FP asks. "Betty and Jughead are waiting" the continues to attempt to leave. "No, Chic- Chic is someone else. Chic is- You don't understand what I've done, FP" she faces him. "You don't understand what I'm respon- responsible for" FP pulls her into a hug. "It's okay" he repeats over and over again, as if it's the only word he can say. He pulled back slightly. They both stared into each others eyes. After a few longing seconds, FP rests his head upon hers. "It's okay" he whispers one last time, planting a light kiss on her head.

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