Sneaking Around // FP Jones

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Warning: age gap

I arrived at FP's trailer, I never told him I was coming, I needed to talk to him. As I knocked on the door, a sleepy Jughead opened it. A confused look spread across his face. Although we are friends and hung out, I never went round without letting him know before hand. "Hey Y/n...what you doing here?" He asked. Oh God. Here go the lies. "Erm... I, I just came by to speak to your dad about something. Yeah, my mum told me to give him a message. That's all, nothing important," I spoke nervously. He narrowed his eyes, not buying it but let it go anyways. "Oh, he nipped out, he should be back any minute. Come in and wait if you like" Jughead offered. I kindly accepted and sat on the couch. We sat in silence for a few seconds until the door opened revealing the figure of FP Jones. He looked at me. Jughead was the first to speak up, "I'll leave you to talk, gonna head to Pops. Bye Y/n, see you dad." With that, it was just the two of us. Alone. "I didn't expect to see you here otherwise I would have cancelled my plans" FP smirked. Y/n sighed. "Is everything ok?" He asked the girl in front of him. "We can't keep doing this FP, sneaking around, lying to Jughead..." Y/n looked down. "So you want to end this?" He asked taking a seat next to me. I slowly nodded my head. FP placed his hand on Y/n's upper thigh. "All the nights we spend together?" I looked him in the eyes. "Y-Yes" I stuttered. My stupid brain couldn't even allow me to sound confident. He smirked, moving his hand further and further up. "All the touching-" He began. "-All the time we play about?" He questioned. Before y/n knew it, his hands where down her shorts. Again, I nodded in response. I couldn't speak. He snatched his hand away. "Okay then" he shrugged. I stood up and headed for the door. Damn it, I couldn't leave the trailer, I couldn't leave him. Y/n turned around. FP stood up and approached me. Stuff it. I grabbed his neck and pulled him in. Igniting a passionate kiss. After a while, y/n and FP pulled apart. "Okay, maybe we can sneak around for a while longer" I suggested. A grin appeared on both faces before leaning back in for another kiss. How long could this secret be kept?

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