Something Different // Jughead Jones

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Y/n had been a Serpent for awhile now but Jughead had just become one of them, officially. He had also just started at South Side High, not knowing what could happen.

Y/n was talking to Sweetpea, Topaz and Fangs in the corridor of South Side High. Jughead emerged from the distance, as Jug's tour guide, y/n wondered over to the beanie wearing boy with a camera round her neck.

"Forsythe Pendleton Jones the III" y/n said, snapping a picture of him.
"It's Jughead actually" he corrected her.

As she lead him on the tour, showing him around, Ghoulies stared at the two. That's when they walked into the cafeteria, dismissing y/n 's advice he sat alone, vulnerable to Ghoulies.

**Later on...**

"Jug, hey...wait up!" Y/n called, catching up to Jughead.
"Look I know you want to sit alone and think you can protect yourself and all, but you still need us. We have your back, come hang out with us all tonight. No excuses." She told him sternly.
"Well actually I was going to..." he began.
"Join us tonight? Great see you tonight Jones" y/n cut him off before heading back to the rest of the serpents who waited for her. Jughead smirked and shook his head. This girl is something different.

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