Not So Perfect // Sweet Pea x Lisa (request)

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This is a request for @lisa4x , I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it <3

From the outside, they were a perfect couple, happy and in love. It was true they really were perfect. For awhile anyway.

It was Cheryl's pool party, the best one of the summer. Not that there had been many. Stood with some close friends under a red sunshade umbrella, Lisa could just about keep an eye on her boyfriend. It's not that she doesn't trust him. It's just she wanted to make sure he was ok. That's what she told herself anyway.
"Are you even listening?" Betty snapped. Glancing up "uh- sorry I'm just tired" the girl replied. Betty sighed before continuing: Lisa's eyes trailed back to her boyfriends previous whereabouts. Only he had gone. Trying to re locate him, her eyes caught sight only he wasn't alone. Josie. They say side by side giggling and slashing their legs in the cool water.
"I'll be right back" she told her friends before leaving. Her eyes widened as she got closer. He had placed his hand on her thigh whilst her fingers slid down his chest. They leaned in until Josie got up and scurried away. Sweet Pea caught a glimpse of his girlfriend. Realisation kicked in and he jumped on his feet chasing her.

They both end up back at his trailer. Lisa perched on the end of the bed. Legs bobbing up and down whilst tears stained her smooth skin. He explained everything. Honestly. Sincerely.
"I'm sorry, I really am, it's just-" he paused before sighing "it's just you where always away with Archie, I missed you, I was jealous, there is no way she could ever replace you". Lisa's expression changed and a giggle escaped her lips, "so what? I wasn't always around so you found some other chick to fill my place?" She questioned. She shook her head. " Archie needed help, especially right now with what he is dealing with". Guilt filled Sweet Peas eyes. It was true he was bored, used someone he barely had feelings for and cheated. Dick move.
"Sweet Pea" she spoke up again. "One last chance" she warned. His face softened; guilt to relief. He brought her into his embrace. "Deal".

Days have passed and things over in the South Side was getting rough. Despite Jughead and Lisa's previous attempts to get rid of Penny, she always slithered back like the back stabbing serpent she always was. Only this time Penny came for them. Lisa. And Jug.

Pitch black. Midnight. Talking about the direction of the serpent gang, a girl sped towards them. Ghoolies following. Jug cursed under his breath knowing full well who the figure was. The girl and the boy both exchanged worried looks.
"Look who it is. My two favourite people. Hello pals" Penny sniggered.
Ghoolies chuckled from behind. "You think you can try get rid of me without getting anything in return. Welcome to karma bitches" she hissed.
Jug ushered Lisa behind him protectively only it didn't work after a swarm of Ghoolies charged at them with weapons in hand.
Unconscious. They lead in the middle of the street. Silence.

An hour passed. The pair badly beaten. It was a coincidence that the serpents just so happened to be walking down the exact street at the right time. They rushed over carrying them back to the trailer park. Any longer and their injuries could have got worse.

The next day, as soon as Andrews, Cooper and Lodge heard about the most recent incident in town they rushed round to see them.
"Jug" Betty whimpered seeing how badly beaten he was. She cupped his fave with her hands avoiding any cuts.
Archie looked down sympathetically ah the worn down, beaten girl in front of him: he wanted to help. He wanted to do something. Anything. So he did the only thing he could do. Talk to Gladys Jones.

V, B, Liz, Arch and Jug all headed to see Gladys at the place she was staying. "There must be something you can do" Archie pleases. "There is one thing" She smiled wickedly. Jug shook his head whilst everyone else remained silent. They all piled out of the room. In the end just Archie and Lisa remained. Moments later their lips were moving in sink. What were they doing? Why? He had Ronnie, she had Sweets. Lisa pulled away knowing it was wrong to continue. The wrong move. Wrong time. Wrong moment. Wrong people.
Lisa noticed a slight crack in the door and footsteps heading away. Jellybean.

The trailer door burst open and an angry Sweet Pea emerged. Slamming the door shut. Lisa flinched and quivered as a wave of fear rushed over her body.
"You made me out to be the cheater. But all along it was you. The biggest cheater of all. Making out like I was in the wrong, making me feel guilty, and regretful when all you were doing is screwing Red behind my back. All this time!" He slammed down his fists on the table. 'Red?' Then realisation kicked in. JB told Sweet Pea that she saw her and Archie.
"I can explain" was the first words that came from her mouth. "Oh I bet you can" he raised his eyebrows.
"It was only one time, a small meaningless kiss. I pulled away and JB saw" Lisa nervously told him.
"How am I meant to believe that after u spend most of summer with him? " his voice growing quieter. He shook his head and with that she was left on the sofa. Alone. Shocked. Tears trickling drown her cheeks.
Had he gone forever?

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