Lies // Charles Smith x Reader (requested)

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Sorry if it's a little short and boring, but I hope it's okay ~ request for @UnicornPotterHead12 💕

Sneaking out. Hiding secrets. I guess you could say that's normal here in the dark town of Riverdale. Lie and tales buried within each family. Betty's family may seem like they have everything under control and that everything is sweet, but look deeper and you begin to see the truth. The truth that Betty had been trying to work out for years now. Sceptical is all Betty ever is, so when Charles came to town, the blonde had her suspicions.

Three had past, Betty coming no closer to finding any proof on Charles. She began to loose hope.
In that time, y/n had caught feelings for the blue eyed man. Never did she think this would happen.

Charles headed home after a long days work, "I'm heading out for a while, don't wait up." He told her before walking out the door. He pulled up to an all to familiar house. "Babe!" He called as he entered his girlfriends house.
"Upstairs." Y/n croaked our weakly. As he opened the bedroom door, he realised something was wrong.
The girl looked at him, clinging to her stomach.
"I really don't feel well." She told him. Charles cradled her in his arm and stayed the night.
"Everything will be okay."

The following day Charles had work early morning, so he left his girlfriends house, knowing her friend would be over later.
"Hey!" Y/f/n called entering the cosy home.
She reached out for y/n before replacing her hand with a pregnancy test.
"I think you should take this."
*end of flashback*

Charles packed all of his stuff and was heading out of his previous home at the Coopers.
"Where are you going?" Betty questioned.
"I've bought a place." He told her, trying to keep it low key.
Charles transfered his belongings in to his now fiancée's place. He brought y/n into his arms whilst cuddling his son. Things had changed in the past years, but for the better. He was surprisingly happy that his family didn't know about his life but was definitely happy to be starting a new one with his gorgeous girl y/n and his 2 year old son, Jack.

Little did Charles know that his curious sister would be following him.
Seeing him embrace a girl at the door along with...a child. Realisation kicked in for Betty, what if Charles had a kid. After minutes of contemplation Betty decided to head on in, and knock at the door. Charles answered it.
Clearing his throat he spoke, "Betty what are you doing here?" His voice laced with annoyance of the determination of his sister.
"I thought you were moving in to a house YOU bought?" She questioned raising her brows.
"Look Betty does it matter-" he began but was soon cut off. "-is that your son?" The blonde asked bluntly.
"Yes." He sighed before stepping back. Charles' thought process was telling him to let Betty leave before he said to much. She would probably just tell mom anyways.
"I've got to go." Charles said before closing the door, leaving a stunned Betty. Reluctantly she climbed back into her car and headed home.
"Mom! You never guess what now..."
Her very own brother had a child, and a girlfriend, what else could he be hiding?

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