Bad Girl // Kurtz x Fang's Sister (requested)

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Requested - @Braggalexis ~ enjoy ☺️

Her long y/h/c hair swayed behind her as she strutted down the halls, to the occupied classroom. She entered whilst rolling her eyes and perched herself on one of the desks.
"You're late" spoke her brother Fangs.
"Bite me" she snapped. Earning a small laugh from another member. However he didn't look familiar. Which a confused expression she turned to Jug then pointed at the new people.
"Gargoyles are joining the serpents" he explained.
Her eyes widened. Great more people to hate.
Things soon began to get interesting and y/n became intrigued by the new gargoyle.  Her brother and, the guy who she now knows as Kurtz, was at each others throats. Which Jughead couldn't control and lashes out.

"I play by a different set of rules" Kurtz  spoke. "I like this guy" y/n interjected causing Fangs to shoot daggers back at her. Kurtz glanced over his shoulder and smirked at her. Her lips curled up.

After the meeting y/n was pulled back by Fangs. "What do you think you're doing sis?" he questioned.
"What do you mean brother?" she smiled innocently. Only she was innocent.
"You better stay away from him" he warned.
Y/n knew you wouldn't obey him and deep down he knew that too. He could still hope.
The thing was y/n was a party girl, a badass girl and a girl who doesn't do rules, she brakes them.

Kurtz leaned against the lockers talking to the other gargoyles but keeping eye contact with her. He was so hot. Like damn. The chokers round his neck made him more sexy.

As the night fell upon Riverdale y/n was walking home from a party still half drugged up and had alcohol in her system. Kurtz found her wondering the streets. "What's the bad girl up to?" he asked. "Walking home" she told him. Even though she wasn't all there she was aware of what was happening and what she wanted.

"Are you sure?" He smirked. "Where else would I go?" She tilted her head.
"Come meet the rest of the gargoyles and see our hideout" his eyes were dark. He didn't just want her to meet the others.

He pressed her up against his door. Their lips together. They moved perfectly in sink. The rest went by with a blur but when they woke, they never regretted anything.
Her brother that day saw her walking down the corridor with the gargoyle leader. Let's just say, he wasn't so happy.

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