Drunken Jealousy // FP x Reader

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Requested by the lovely @-AlyLyn- 💗 sorry it took so long but I hope you enjoy!

Y/n had been in the Serpents for a few years now. Her mom was part of the gang back in her youth, not really wanting her daughter following the same path as she did, y/n didn't listen. Taking all the drugs and mischief her mother got into all that time ago into account, she vowed not to do the same. Being a Serpent like her mother, keeping the legacy, just not making the same mistakes as she once did. A drink or two now and again however was allowed.

The young girl found her self sat at the bar, a female dancing on stage of the Whyte Wyrm, the Serpent dance to be specific. A loud clap drew her away from the glass in front of her. FP was now on stage besides the girl, applauding her before slipping her his jacket.
Whenever FP had a drink, he always went and flirted with y/n. But she never really knew why. Why her?

Once again, FP dragged the chair next to the y/h/c haired girl. After ordering a few drinks, the words began to spill out of his mouth, only this time y/n wasn't going to just sit back and giggle along with him, as entertaining as she found it. She was about to play him at his own game. Being of legal age had its advantages. Just like this one. "You know, you make hell of a good leader." She began. "Having so much power and control, you keep everything in order." A smirk rose on his face. "Really? You know, I could get a whole lot more dominant if you let me show you." He whispered into her ear as his hand creeped higher up her thigh. By the point he had had way to many drinks, but so had she.
"Then why don't you show me." A smile played on her lips. FP took his rough hands in her tiny ones and lead her away from the bar and back into his trailer before slamming the door shut.

The tall figure pushed y/n's tiny frame against the bed and pinned her hands above her head. His lips trailed down her body making sure to leave dark hickies for the morning. Tonight was a night, neither of them would forget. Drunk or not drunk.

The following morning, y/n awoke confused. This wasn't her bed. Nor her room. Looking down at her waist she saw a long arm snakes around it. Realisation kicked in and memories from the previous night began to flood back into her mind. The things they got up to. The touching, the kissing, and the -you know what.

Carefully, y/n pealed his arm from her as she got up to leave him a note ~ "sorry I had to leave so early, I have a few things I need to do, call me if you need anything - y/n x'

Later that afternoon, she had an hour until she planned going back to her old trailer. Archie Andrews appeared once again. He had been hanging with the Serpents a lot more recently considering he was best friends with Jughead. This allowed Archie and y/n to know eachother better and they too became good friends.
"Hey Arch!" The girl calls, waving her hand slightly.
"Hey y/n!" He smiled widely, heading over towards her.
They began small talk, mainly taking about Riverdale High and all the dramas of the town.

FP had received the note earlier, remembering what they got up to the night before. He was glad she didn't leave without saying something. And glad she didn't seem mad. However, standing back in the distance FP watched the ginger boy talking to the girl he loved. His jealousy intensified and could see it written all over him. And it wasn't a good look.

"Bye Archie, have a good day." The girl waved off politely, she had always admired Archie for his bravery and strength but most off all, keeping his good heart and true self. As she headed back to her trailer, she stumbled into something hard. Looking up she realised that she had walked into someone. That someone was him. Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear he whispered. "Trying to make me jealous?" His words made the younger girl shudder. "N-no" She stuttered. It was true, she was just having a normal conversation with Archie however, he made her nervous. Too nervous. Alcohol gave her confidence, without it she was vulnerable. "Maybe you should prove it." FP offered with a smirk, all alcohol out of his system. He regularly used it to cover up his crazy love for her, but this time he wanted to give her the real him. The sober one who still loved her for who she was.

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