Protective Parents // Jughead x Reader (requested)

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Requested by @summer00lala ~ hope it's okay sorry if it's a little short! Requests are going back to normal and everyone's should be up soon sorry it took so long 💗

It's been 17 years since y/n and Jughead first fell in love at Riverdale High. It was the final year when he finally puckered up the courage to ask the girl of his dreams out.
Now 17 years later they still live in the same old town that was Riverdale. Opportunities flew at them from all directions with Jughead being a talented writer and y/n being one of the smartest girls around.
Some major things have changed since Jughead had asked his girlfriend out. For instance she is no longer his girlfriend but his beautiful wife. And they had one lucky child.

Amber had just turned 15. And like most teenagers at that age, she began dating.
Only one thing was in her way, her father. Jughead was way to overprotective if you ask me. Y/n remembered what it was like, herself hanging round with boys. She was happy that her daughter was growing up. She just hoped Jughead would come round.

Tonight was the night, Jughead and y/n was about to meet their daughters boyfriend Ryan.
The door bell rang and y/n went to answer the door. "You must be Ryan." She smiled welcomingly. "Yeah, you're Ambers mum, it's nice to meet you." He held out his hand. What a gentleman. Jughead sighed, mentally preparing questions in his head.
They all sat round the table about to eat, Jughead spoke, "So Ryan you go to the same school as our daughter..." he began. It was going to be a long night. Jughead fires question after question whilst y/n scolded him from his side. Ryan didn't seem to mind however Amber couldn't contain her embarrassment at times.

Within an hour or so all four of them were laughing, even Jughead.
"It was very nice to meet you, you're welcome any time." Jug found himself telling his daughters boyfriend. After their goodbyes, Amber patted her fathers chest, "next time no interrogation!" She laughed but deep down was glad that he finally came round and that they both got on so well. The family was coming along nicely.

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