The Past // Jughead x Shannon (requested)

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Requested by @Shannon1300 sorry this took so long! Hope you like it :)

Gladys sat on the sofa of her own home. Jughead lead in her arms, only a small baby, always crying and hungry. But isn't that what all babies are like?
As the lady feeds her child the milk from the small bottle, an angry FP enters the big house.
He was drunk one again and Gladys didn't know how much more she could take with this man, Jughead and her always in the firing line.
FP stumbles towards them pointing fingers and beginning to yell. He swatted the milk bottle out of her hand and across the room. Jughead began to cry again, this time not only out of hunger but out of fright. The loud noises of his father was scaring him and now his mother.
The man snatches Jug out of the woman's grasp and takes him to the babies room, tossing him down carelessly and relentless into the cot.

*Present time*
Jughead and his girlfriend Shannon walked down the bleak streets of Riverdale, taking in the fresh air, and the cool night. Everything was silent, no drama in sight.
Time flys as the couple laugh at old jokes and go back to times before they began dating.

The air was suddenly filled with shouts and screams. Going to investigate the pair dawned closer to the noise. Seeing a middle-aged couple arguing in an alley way, Jughead focused all his attention on them, freezing in one spot.
"Come on, lets go" Shannon tugged at his jacket aware of the late night.
Jughead's eyes met with hers only his eyes were filled with fear. Shannon tilted her head in confusion and worry for her boyfriend.

He began to back away, then darted in another direction. The young girl chased after the beanie wearing boy. Finally she managed to find him, shivering against a wall.
"Jughead what's wrong? Are you okay?"
He sniffles. "I'm sorry."
Shannon places her hand on his shoulder.
"A long time ago, my father used to come home drunk, every night he would shout at my mom and they would argue for hours, I would always get cast aside and things got really bad..." Jug spoke shakily.
"Aw Jughead, I'm so sorry." The girl began.
"Seeing that couple it just-just brought back bad memories." The boy looked down at his feet.
The girl wrapped her arm around him sympathetically and he rested his head on her shoulder.
"Come on lets head home and warm you up" she smiled sadly.
He nodded his head. "Okay."


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