You Can Stay With Me // Jughead Jones

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"So where are you gonna live now Jughead" y/n asked her beanie wearing best friend.
"I'll figure it out, y/n, I always do" Jughead replied as he walked into the distance.
"Wait!" Y/n called out to him, turning to face him.
"You can stay with me" she told him.
"No, I couldn't possibly intrude-"
"You wouldn't be intruding Jug, you're my best friend, you have always been there when I needed you, please stay with me, it's got to be better than hunting around for somewhere, right?" She interjected.
He sighed in defeat; "thank you y/n"
She caught up with him, "come on let's get back to mine and we will order take out" y/n suggested.
"-or we could go to Pops, my treat" he smiled.
"Okay" she smiled back.
That night y/n and Jughead stayed till late at Pops, enjoying their meal and laughing. Before heading back to her home, the place he would be staying for a while...

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