No Longer A Secret // Kurtz x Jugheads Sister (requested)

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Requested - @im_Asher ~ I love writing Kurtz fanfic, enjoy :)

Y/ n was Jugheads sister. A serpent. But when a certain ghoul walked in wearing a black choker and a layered jacket, she knew things would be different. And not just for the gang but especially for her.

Kurtz wondered the dark streets of the town Riverdale. Where secrets lied around every corner. Round this particular corner was the secret y/n kept. Kurtz met her at the end of the main road. She was greeted with his embrace as always.

They had been seeing each other a few weeks now. Things got pretty serious and y/n knew if her brother Jughead found out, he would ban her from seeing him and probably ban her from even leaving the house. He would even go as far as killing Kurtz, that's why they have to be careful.

The pair walked back to the current gargoyle hideout. There she wasn't a serpent. She was a gargoyle like the rest of them. Kurtz and y/n went to his room where it was just them alone, they could still hear the atmosphere from the other side of the door mind. It wasn't an issue.

Kurtz handed her the red packet which she willingly took tipping the contents into her mouth. Loving the sensation it gave her. He smiled and shook his head at how crazy she was. He tipped another packet into his own mouth. Only this time they didn't play g&g, they wanted a night to be free. They danced around the room stupidly with music blurring. No one ever got to see this side of him, only her.
They acted crazy doing pointless things but enjoyed every second until she fell asleep in his arms.
"Goodnight princess" he said, kissing her forehead before closing his eyes.

It was yet again time for another meeting for the serpents. Y/n entered the room before Kurtz so that nobody suspected anything. Things were beginning to get out of hand since Kurtz had stolen equipment for the school as part of the g&g game.
"Fizzle Rick junkie" Fangs spat.
"You wanna go right now?" Kurtz challenged.
The boys both leapt out of their seats and stood face to face. Y/n ran up to stop them, standing in front of Kurtz protectively.
Jughead looked at y/n with a confused look on his face.
"You spied on the gargoyles remember" she said facing Fangs.
"I should've beaten you over the head with that branding iron when I had the chance" he sneered over her shoulder. Fangs went to push Kurtz but y/n pushed his arms back.

"Alright back down all of you right now!" Jughead slammed his fists down on the desk in front.
"Why are you defending that junkie" Sweet Pea asked staring at the smaller girl. Jughead raised his brows waiting for her response.
When y/n didn't reply, they all knew the answer.
"Don't tell me your with him!" Jug shouted again.
"It's my life Jughead I can see who I want" she raised her voice at her brother.
Kurtz smirked. Y/n took her boyfriends hand and they left the classroom.
"Now that was badass, I guess we're no longer a secret" he laughed.

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