Please don't Leave // Archie Andrews

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"Y/n calm down please" Archie begged. She had just found out that her boyfriend had kissed another girl. That girl being her best friend, Veronica. "You're seriously telling me to calm down? Just tell me why?" Y/n raised her voice once more. "It meant nothi-" he began but the y/e/c eyed girl cut him off. "That's not an answer" she breathed as more tears fell down her pale skin. "Fine. You want the real answer?" He began. Y/n nodded her head slowly, sniffling. "It was because for the past few weeks it's like you have been distant. Like you don't want to be with me anymore-"
"That's not true Arch-"
"-Yes it is. So I'm asking you honestly. Do you still love me?" He interrupts.
"Don't put this on me" y/n cried. "This was about you kissing Veronica and-"
"-just answer the question y/n" The ginger haired boy cut her off.
"Of course I do." She stated. "Well it doesn't seem like it" he replied.
And with that he grabbed his jacket and stormed out of y/n's house. "Archie don't leave. Please!" She called after him desperately. But it was too late. He had disappeared into the dead of the night. Leaving the fragile girl alone on her door step. "I need you" she whispered to herself, tears flooding her face. "I need you..."

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