The Choice // Reader x Veronica x Jughead (requested)

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Requested by @Blueeyedbeatie666 ~ was very interesting to write 💗

Y/n lead in bed unable to sleep. She had to make an important choice. Jughead and Veronica both liked the y/h/c haired girl but who did she like? The beanie wearing South Side Serpent. Or the raven haired owner of La Bonne Nuit.

That night her mind drifted.
"Wake up my love" Jughead kissed her forehead.
Y/n looked at the dark haired boy.
"I made breakfast" he smiled.
They ate the pancakes that Jughead had made himself. Their kids were running around the trailer already. The young Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Fourth was almost double his sisters age. He was now 13 and his sister Jeannie was only 7. For siblings they got on quite well with her brother playing with his sister.
Y/n thanked her husband for the breakfast and they enjoyed the day together with them and their children playing games all afternoon as requested by the kids. Jughead was a great dad, the best. And the Serpents all helped the married couple with anything they needed.

Y/n woke up realising that would be her future if she chose Jughead. She was happy at how close they still were and how great he really was. But would she have a better life with Ronnie? Still not knowing what to do she tried to shake it from her thoughts and fall back asleep only this time Ronnie appeared.

Veronica was sat on the floor of the Pembrooke whilst y/n stood in the kitchen making them both a drink whilst watching from afar. Y/n entered the main room and placed Ronnie's drink down on the table before placing hers down besides.
"Hey Elia" y/n smiled.
Their 3 year old adopted daughter walked over to her other mum and handed her a building block.
They ended up building a large tower where Elia could crawl in and out. The two married women laughed and smiled as they watched their daughter in front of them. V wrapped her arm around y/n and kissed her cheek softly.

The ringing of y/n's alarm startled her. That day at school she knew who she truly wanted. Even though they were both amazing people, she made her choice.
Heading over to her four best friends, she called Veronica over to have a word.
"V I've been thinking about what we talked about yesterday. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I love you" y/n smiled holding Veronica's hand.
"Ooo do you think they are finally going to get together?" B asked.
"I hope so V wouldn't shut up about her" Archie laughed.
"They should, their good for each other" Jug admitted, still a tiny bit upset that she didn't feel the same about him but Jug was truly happy for them.
Betty placed her hand on his shoulder and offered a smile.
"I want that too, I love you y/n" Ronnie returned before their lips met each other's earning an applause from their group.
Pulling back the two girls giggle with happiness. This was the start of something beautiful.

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