Planned Escape ~ Jellybean Jones  by riverdalleserpent
Planned Escape ~ Jellybean Jones by My minds work
People focus too much on Betty and Jughead stories. And Archie and Veronica. What about Jellybean? Jellybean(JB) is living a harsh life, only walking town to town with a...
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  • southside
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PERFECT • Riverdale by KatMarie619
PERFECT • Riverdaleby Kat
Jellybean Jones arrives in Riverdale after escaping an abusive past and orphanage. But the abuse doesn't end here when Riverdale is turned into the most dangerous town i...
  • fanfiction
  • cheryl
  • jellybean
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Jellybean Jones - A Sweet Pea Fanficton by JasminePipWoods
Jellybean Jones - A Sweet Pea Jasmine Woods
Jellybean Jones returns to Riverdale after 6 years of being away and living in Toledo with her mother. But she is back to see her brother Jughead and father FP. She is r...
  • teen
  • fanfiction
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it's wrong but feels so right by hewwo_anyonethere
it's wrong but feels so rightby oli
Your name is Lilly Jones you were 4 when you moved well when your mother took you and jellybean to Toledo ohio you haven't seen your older brother since. Your younger si...
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It's Sunny on the Southside by 8lavender8
It's Sunny on the Southsideby Lavender
#riverdale #fanfiction Now imagine the Southside and the people in it -- boom back to them in kindergarten all the way too now.
  • fangsfogarty
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Maddie jones  by Leslo_12_0
Maddie jones by Leslo_12_0
  • sweetpea
  • jughead
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Timing is Everything by Wise_Owl_1818
Timing is Everythingby Wise_Owl_1818
Is it the best time for her return to Riverdale? No. Nevertheless, Jughead is beyond happy for his family to finally be complete again.
  • archie
  • bullying
  • jellybean
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The Girl Of My Dream by Rivernugget
The Girl Of My Dreamby River Nugget
  • thecw
  • coleandlili
  • jugheadandbetty
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Taffymint by 24gomezo
Taffymintby Peppermint
" No-one is who they seem."*
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Young Riverdale.  by falice_is_forever
Young Riverdale. by falice_is_forever
Ok I don't really know what this is but this is set when Betty, Jughead and Archie are like 6-7. This is a falice story and at the moment there is no Hermione, Hiram (I...
  • archie
  • polly
  • fred
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Princess And A Gun  ~ Swetty by smexyswetty
Princess And A Gun ~ Swettyby smexyswetty
"to my love, we're in this together" A story about Sweet Pea and Betty. The struggles they face as a couple and the struggles they face alone. "I love yo...
  • sweets
  • hal
  • swetty
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Betty's Secret by Burning_in_hell
Betty's Secretby Burning_in_hell
Betty found out that she's pregnant. Shes only 17, and her sister polly already had a baby at a young age, so what woulden't her mom say. Shes scared to tell her boyfrie...
  • jellybean
  • drama
  • love
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Indigo Blues by strawberryichigo15
Indigo Bluesby Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 370 Tannus Bracken and Delilah Manchester are two scientists that work in the same lab and have the reputation of getting on each other's nerves. They go w...
  • jellybeans
  • malepregnancy
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Riverdale | He Has Her Now | Edited by JcAsh131
Riverdale | He Has Her Now | Editedby JadeAsh131
After tragedy strikes the Jones family when Jellybean Jones comes to visit Riverdale. Jughead has to try and find his missing little sister. Fearing for her death, becau...
  • riverdale
  • jughead
  • archie
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Best Friends Brother♛ {A Bughead Story} by bettysau
Best Friends Brother♛ {A Bughead bettysau
What will happen when (Bet)ty starts to have a crush on her best friend Veronica's brother? Will Veronica snap? Or will it make a drift in their friend(ship)? You n(ever...
  • jughead
  • riverdale
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A new chapter (bughead) by SophBelle2
A new chapter (bughead)by SophBelle2
Losing your mom isn't easy, but then add becoming queen of the southside serpents along with being transferred to a school full of the people you hate. "If you knew...
  • friendship
  • southsideserpents
  • tonitopaz
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Bubblegum Jellybeans (A Riverdale Story) by LBooks5
Bubblegum Jellybeans (A LBooks5
Forsythia Jones (otherwise known as Jellybean or JB) was only 10 when her mother took her away from the small town by Sweet Water River to Toledo. After finding out her...
  • lodge
  • riverdale
  • jellybean
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Southside Serpents  by teenrosepunch
Southside Serpents by teenrosepunch
What if Jellybean was there the whole time Once I started to drink my milkshake the southside serpents walked up to me and sat down on the Opposite side of the booth. I...
  • sweetpea
  • jughead
  • jellybean
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i'm jellybean by fanficbetts
i'm jellybeanby fanficbetts
hey this is a riverdale fanfic about jellybean shes 14 and amazing kinda just wait and she what i havw planed hope you all enjoy -layla
  • fanfiction
  • jellybean
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JELLYBEAN JONES SCRIPTS [ annabelle wardan
Unofficial Jellybean Jones scripts
  • jellybeanjones
  • juggy
  • jellybean
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