Jellybean Jones by allthingsriverdale
Jellybean Jonesby Bria
A year after FP Jones is released from jail, after being falsely accused of murder, Jellybean Jones is finally coming home. Though she misses Jughead and her Father, wha...
  • littlesister
  • kevinkeller
  • reggiemantle
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Sweet Riverdale by dear_riverdale
Sweet Riverdaleby Netflix + Chill
What will happen if Jugheads little sister, Jellybean lives with him from now on? What will happen if Veronica tells Archie that she is Pregnant?
  • betty
  • varchie
  • cheryl
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Serpent By Blood by fanficpotatoXIO
Serpent By Bloodby ALIthepotato
Betty is a Southside serpent By Blood and when she meets a northsider boy Jughead Jones she develops feelings for him and pushes him away in an attempt to keep him safe ...
  • preggers
  • completed
  • jughead
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Making Discoveries by kp004a8561
Making Discoveriesby kp004a8561
One Summer night Jughead, Betty, FP and Alice make some discoveries.
  • alicesmith
  • jellybean
  • season3
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Default Title - Write Your Own by ilovefalice
Default Title - Write Your Ownby ilovefalice
  • sierra
  • polly
  • gladys
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Like Romeo and Juliet by BugheadxxRiverdale
Like Romeo and Julietby Gabby
Jugheads dad goes to Chicago for the month and Betty and Jellybean stay over at the trailer.Before something life changing happens to Betty and Jughead will they hit som...
  • jellybean
  • archie
  • bettycopper
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smooth criminal; jarchie by CoveredInFudge
smooth criminal; jarchieby ⁉️
"So, if you are gay, why don't you have a boyfriend?" "I have very strict parents.. why don't you have a boyfriend?" "You have very strict paren...
  • vegas
  • archiexjughead
  • bettycooper
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Jellybean Jones Scripts by -snakey
Jellybean Jones Scriptsby 🆂nakey
Scripts for Jellybean Jones by a Riverdale loving Serpent
  • jb
  • jughead
  • juggyjones
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Jellybean - A Sweet Pea Fanficton by JasminePipWoods
Jellybean - A Sweet Pea Fanfictonby Jasmine Woods
Jellybean Jones returns to Riverdale after 6 years of being away and living in Toledo with her mother. But she is back to see her brother Jughead and father FP. She is r...
  • jughead
  • sweetpea
  • serpents
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"Who Is That?" by bianca835
"Who Is That?"by bianca835
My story if i was Jellybean Jones
  • jellybean
  • jughead
  • riverdale
||Forgotten & Forgiven|| reader x jughead by cloutycloutt
||Forgotten & Forgiven|| reader cactus gorl
y/n just moved to the southside of a town called riverdale when she meets him. someone who doesn't yell at her when she fucks up or hits her when she doesn't listen. he...
  • abuse
  • love
  • sad
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Broken | Riverdale by heyleyyy
Broken | Riverdaleby Heyley512
In this story you'll be Jellybean. You're gonna be 15 years old, turning 16 and your brother Jughead, is 17. You just moved to Riverdale because your mother and your fat...
  • tonitopaz
  • fangs
  • jellybeans
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Riverdale | He Has Her Now | Editing by JcAsh131
Riverdale | He Has Her Now | JcAsh131
After tragedy strikes the Jones family when Jellybean Jones comes to visit Riverdale. Jughead has to try and find his missing little sister. Fearing for her death, becau...
  • wattys2018
  • jellybean
  • bughead
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Jellybean  by BlackVeilBridesFan53
Jellybean by Black Veil Brides Fan
You are jelly bean, jughead sister and you have left your mum's house to go to him.
  • jellybean
  • jughead
Jellybean by MaxineAM
Jellybeanby MaxTriesWriting
"Get the fuck out of my house!" Was the last thing my step father said to me. He kicked me out off the please I'd been calling home for the past two years, hi...
  • romance
  • archiecomics
  • teenfiction
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Indigo Blues by strawberryichigo15
Indigo Bluesby Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 370 Tannus Bracken and Delilah Manchester are two scientists that work in the same lab and have the reputation of getting on each other's nerves. They go w...
  • sciencefiction
  • mpreg
  • revenge
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Back to the Southside by rose_adele_leonardo
Back to the Southsideby rose_adele_leonardo
After living in Toledo with her mother, she is finally returning to Riverdale, but how will Jughead react when he realizes Jellybean is no longer the same little girl he...
  • fp
  • sweetpea
  • fanfiction
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Call Me JB by -snakey
Call Me JBby 🆂nakey
In which Jellybean Jones comes back to Riverdale and follows in her brother's footsteps.
  • jugheadjones
  • southsideserpents
  • jbjones
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Old stories young people by ugh_its_rissa
Timing is Everything by Wise_Owl_1818
Timing is Everythingby Wise_Owl_1818
Is it the best time for her return to Riverdale? No. Nevertheless, Jughead is beyond happy for his family to finally be complete again.
  • riverdale
  • familyreunion
  • archie
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