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Jellybean Jones -return to Riverdale  by that_writer_8
Jellybean Jones -return to that_writer_8
She was whisked away from her home at the age of six,now eight years later she's returning. ~I update as quick as possible~ Highest Rankings; #1 in jellybeanjones #10 i...
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  • jellybeanjones
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The Bass Fic by fanficfurries
The Bass Ficby fanficfurries
this is a story of true love, awstenxtravis (Trawsten)
  • jellybean
  • love
  • furry
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Donatello Lover Senarios by Blackskies45
Donatello Lover Senariosby Anita Wulfe
Later on,depending on if you guys like this, I will make more for the others as well. I might make a Casey Jones one and an April one. (P.S. In this one you are female.)
  • ninjaturtles
  • epic
  • jellybeans
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Kiss Me! I am Irish! <3 One Direction by DanceIsMyGame
Kiss Me! I am Irish! <3 One DanceIsMyGame
  • jellybean
  • meetandgreet
  • niall
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Color (a drarry fic) by aGayBee
Color (a drarry fic)by kill me
romance of the century This was going to be my excuse to write a fucked up drarry smut for lols but I never ended up writing that part yet but maybe you'll see it in the...
  • jellybeans
  • harrypotter
  • drarry
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Book Reviews by BookReader2862
Book Reviewsby BookReader2862
My personal thoughts on any book that I have read.
  • fangirl
  • patch
  • between
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The Boy, The Girl and Jellybeans. by ashash400
The Boy, The Girl and AA
I became a part of his story, And I liked it.
  • kidnap
  • depth
  • love
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My art book of magically magical Art by AluciferX
My art book of magically magical Alex Wight
ARTTTTTTTTT drawn on paper or computer
  • jellybeans
  • itsfun
  • artbook
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Alex meet Alex by xxThexOthersxx
Alex meet Alexby Dave Strider
I would give you a description but i really dont have one. Have fun reading it.
  • bands
  • jellybeans
  • weirdos
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Homesick | | Riverdale Fanfiction {ONGOING} by saragilly
Homesick | | Riverdale Sara Elizabeth Gilly
Hi, my name is Forsythia P. Jones, Jellybean for short. I'm fifteen years old and my brother is 17, in his senior year of high school. I just got reunited with him and m...
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Riverdale by hannah6324
Riverdaleby Hannah Brody
I'll talk about it more inside the book, but this is an AU! Jason isn't and never is/was a character and neither is Polly. Mostly the characters are the same personality...
  • varchie
  • veronica
  • cheryl
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Jellybean  by BlackVeilBridesFan53
Jellybean by Black Veil Brides Fan
You are jelly bean, jughead sister and you have left your mum's house to go to him.
  • jellybean
  • jughead
Babysitting for the Sidows by LifeLovesYou2
Babysitting for the Sidowsby LifeLovesYou2
"Jellybeans have a vicious cycle of life. They remind me of teens." JoLise (Lise) Willman has her perfect boyfriend Jake, the perfect tiny city, supposedly eve...
  • ladenwood
  • jellybeans
  • jolise
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my friends by RandomPhangirl02
my friendsby wHy Am I hErE
  • jellybean
  • friend
  • crazyfriend
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Jelly Beans! by aritheari
Jelly Beans!by Humble Starfish
A crazy old man takes an innocent little boy on a crazy weird adventure all because of some stolen fries. ~~~ This crazy short story was made with the help of my best fr...
  • fries
  • giantshrimp
  • weird
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