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Joaquin by spn67addict
Joaquinby spn67addict
This story is about Joaquin being straight because he was too hot not to do a story over.
Riverdale Imagines by JessEmily09
Riverdale Imaginesby JessEm09
Riverdale imagines ~ - Jughead Jones - FP Jones - Veronica Lodge - Cheryl Blossom - Archie Andrews - Sweet Pea - Reggie Mantle - Kevin Keller - Josie McCoy - FP Jones x...
torn | joaquín torres  by villous-
torn | joaquín torres by villous-
The world was not prepared for the reversal of the Blip, and neither was Effie Sharma. She had just crossed the street with her groceries when it happened and she couldn...
◇Joker One-Shots◇ by grumpycat_rae
◇Joker One-Shots◇by grumpycat_rae
Requests are in! First chapter will allow you to fill out your requests. This is a One-Shot collaboration of 2019's JOKER.... and maybe some The Dark Knight Joker. It...
Riverdale Preferences  by xxkloiexxx
Riverdale Preferences by Crescent
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like in Riverdale? Trying to solve the mysteries. Would you be able to? What if you found someone? What if they liked you...
If You Just Listened // Arthur Fleck x Reader // SLOWBURN by bulbpix
If You Just Listened // Arthur bulbpix
Gotham is certainly a lot worse than you expected. You figured "making it" would be easy once you got here, but making friends is already hard enough. Your job...
THE LAST THING I DO; TFATWS by -prettywitty
❝ you look like shit ❞ ❝ you smell like shit ❞ when cosette drewitt, a rogue super soldier with an appetite for revenge, gets captured by a handsome us airfo...
joker imagines. by alexalexalexalexx
joker lovebug🌺
SMUT INCLUDED! stories/ chapters full of the soft and adorable arthur fleck. AND of course his hot version of the JOKER.
His true book of love (Descendants) by Devilangel19980
His true book of love (Descendants)by AngelDevil 👼😈
Marisol is the Daughter of La Muerte and Xibalba her brother Santos is the ruler of the land of the forgotten and she's the ruler of the land of the remember. She is Ben...
Even In Death (Manolo x Male OC) by ClockWorkKnights
Even In Death (Manolo x Male OC)by ClockWorkKnights
"Everyone Has A Story..." What if La Muerte had a brother, what if he helped his sister rule the land of forgotten? What if he loved life and the after life, b...
Manolo x Reader by BeeBeePrime2004
Manolo x Readerby Pepsi_Cola_3.0
You live in San Angel, the middle of Mexico, where you have your two best friends there to have adventures with. Manolo and Joaquin are your friends and you always will...
Opportunities ~Bughead/ Swetty by swettyslove
Opportunities ~Bughead/ Swettyby swettyslove
Betty and Joaquin are brother and sister, they're as close as two people could be. They're always there for each other and will stand by each other's side no matter what...
tfatws imagines by 1800FICS
tfatws imaginesby shelby
a book where i share my love for the men of tfatws. I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS
Instagram; Joaquin Correa by riquipuig
Instagram; Joaquin Correaby lex
It all started with an interview
Winds of Fire by EHYAAAH
Winds of Fireby
The world is full of magic, it is all and you just have to believe. Quit hiding your magic the world is ready for you. I am the girl who plays with the fire, dance with...
La Playa (Aristemo) by AxelAGOficial
La Playa (Aristemo)by AxelA.GOficial
La niñez es sin duda considerada como una de las mejores etapas de la vida, pero ¿Que es lo único en lo que piensa un niño? Pues efectivamente, sólo quiere jugar, abraza...
joker oneshots :) by kiwifruithiddleston
joker oneshots :)by <3
Arthur Fleck oneshots because he is absolutely adorable fluff and smut uwu
Safe in Serpent arms by frogcooch
Safe in Serpent armsby frogcooch
Riverdale. A new start? A safe place? Why not take the chance? Betty Cooper hasn't had a proper home since she was 13. 3 months until she's 18 and gone through a hell of...
Baby boy by MarcelaAlcarez
Baby boyby emiliao_es_real
joaquin un chico al que le gusta vestirse como niña y le gusta que lo complazcan mucho roba el corazón de emilio un señor de 30 años que puede llegar a ser su dady