New To Town // Cheryl Blossom

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Y/n leapt out of the car, full of enthusiasm. A new home, new area, new people. She piled lots of boxes in the empty hall of the new house and went to explore the mysterious town that was Riverdale.
After a short while of walking, she stumbled upon an adorable, vintage diner; Pops. As Y/n entered the diner she headed to the counter where she was greeted with a smile from the owner.
*A few minutes later*
Whilst sipping on her milkshake, a red head approached Y/n and sat next to her on the counter stools.
"You must be new here. I'm Cheryl Blossom" she said confidently, holding out her hand.
Y/n shyly shook it, a bit taken back by her sudden appearance.
"I'm Y/n" she smiled back.
For a moment, they took in one another. Long red hair, a smile which could light up the room and a super cute outfit.
Y/n thought Cheryl was beautiful. Little did she know, Cheryl also thought the same thing about her...


Part 2??

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