It's been years

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Today was the day we were leaving. It was also Gabriella's birthday and the day that we would go back home.

I had just walked into Gabriella's room to see that she was sleeping in Killian's arms.

"It's probably a good thing that she sleeps. I don't know how she will do with the plane." I said walking over to them and brushing some hair out of her face.

"Are you ready?" Killian asked looking to me.

"As I'll ever be."

Killian had packed a few things for us both so that we could go. We were going to get on the plane and then be home in just a few short hours.

I didn't know how my family would react. I had left so long ago to find myself. I never even told my grandpa about Gabriella.

When the plane landed we got our bags and got into a car that was waiting for us. As soon as we got close to the house I woke Gabriella up.

"We're almost there baby." I helped her sit up as She was still a little weak from everything but was bright as ever.

"Tonight we are all going out for your birthday to." Killian said making her smile.

When the car stopped I stepped out with her in my arms.

"Will they like me mommy?" I smiled "with out a doubt" 

When we stepped foot into the house I felt at home. I put Gabriella down and grabbed her hand.

The house was empty now. The boys had moved on and the only two still in it were my grandpa and Dad.

"Audrey ?" I turned to see my grandpa coming down the stairs. He looked older now with grayer hair. He smiled and I ran to him. Pulling me into a hug he laughed.

"Your all grown up now." He pulled back and kissed me on the head.

He looked down to Gabriella who was at my side now. She was holding onto my leg.

"And who is this little one?" He got down to her size.

"Papa this is daughter."

His eyes went wide as he looked up to me. Gabriella quickly jumped out and hugged him. He laughed and pulled her to him.

I thought that they would get along.

"Killian. Your home to." He said looking back at him.

"I am." Killian smiled.

"Your father would love to see you...and this cute little one." My grandpa said pulling Gabriella up with him.

"Come. We must see him."

We followed him down the hall to the last room. My fathers office.

When we opened the door I was shocked to see my father was older. That happens with time but still. I guess I thought he wouldn't have changed.

He was looking down at a book and when we came in he looked up.

"Dad." I said as he stood up slowly.

"Audrey." He was still like the last time I saw him.

"I thought you needed time?" He said making me remember what I had last said.

"It's been years Dad. Please don't start this."

"How can I not Audrey? You left with out telling me where you were going. You had a future ahead of you. A job and a man who would have made a great husband."

"Dad I never wanted to be with him." I was getting mad now. This was what he wanted to talk about when I first come home.

"How do you know Audrey. You were always off taking photos and in your own little world. You had so much ahead of you...what have you done with your life?"

I looked back to Gabriella who was with my grandpa. I smiled at her.

"I've been a mother. I've had a job and soon I will have my own business." Turning back to him I saw that he was shocked about everything.

"Mom would have wanted me to do this Dad. If you want to be apart of that then you can be. But right now I have my daughter's birthday dinner to go get ready for... excuse me."

I walked and took Gabriella from my grandpa. I walked past Killian and saw him holding in a smile.

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