I want you

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Warning ⚠️ 16 and up

"How was She when you saw her?" Killian asked in the middle of the movie.

"She looked ok. Tired but ok."

"That's a good. And how are you?" When he asked that I felt the tears in my eyes.

"Hurting." I said not moving. I felt the coach dip next to me and felt an arm go around me. Killian pulled me to him holding me as I cried.

I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me. I should have looked away but I couldn't. He had me trapped and I loved it. I jumped up and kissed him. He stopped me and pulled back.

"I can't Audrey. One you have Daniel-"

"I broke up with him" When he said nothing I grabbed his hand pulling him with me. He let me pull him up to my room. When we got there I pushed him down onto my bed and I went in between his legs. I kissed him but again he pulled away.

"Your hurt. I can't do this to you."

"Killian. I want you. Let me have this." He said nothing but I knew he was done fighting me.

I pulled his lips to mine again and I felt his hands go to my waist. He held me in place.

I felt his hands lift my tank top up and I let him. He stood up and I unbuttoned his shirt ripping it off of him.

His lips moved with mine as he pulled my shorts off my body. He placed me on the bed and fell with me.

He undid my bra and took my underwear off for me. I watched as he took his buckle off then his pants and underwear went with it.

When he came back down he claimed my lips again. He tangled our hands together and looked down at me one last time as to ask. When I nodded my head he kissed me again and took me.

I felt something moving and tickling my stomach. My eyes slowly opened and I looked down to see Something under the covers in front of me. I pulled them up and looked to see Killian kissing my stomach and going lower.

I pulled the blankets back fully to see him look up at me.

"Morning beautiful." He said with a smile and he continued to do what he was doing. I grabbed onto the sheets and moaned when he did what he was doing.

When he was done he kissed his way back up to my lips.

"That was a good way to wake up." I couldn't stop the smile that went to my face.

"Do you want to eat something before we go to the hospital?" I nodded my head.

"I'm going to run out and go to my house real fast to get changed. I'll be back with food and then we can go. Why don't you get up and get ready?"

"Ok" I said turning over and pulling the covers to me. I heard him chuckle. He got up in front of me and I covered my face from seeing anything.

"It's not like you haven't seen me." I heard him chuckle. I heard the zipper to his pants and I moved the sheets to see him putting his shirt in.

He got down and kissed my cheek "I'll be back in an hour. Get ready" I smiled a sleepy smile to him with my eyes closed. I heard him walk out leaving me to sleep for a few more minutes.

I jumped up and got a shower. When I was done I got ready and put my hair into a bun. I grabbed my things and went down the the living room.

When Killian came back he brought me coffee and a breakfast sandwich. We ate fast and went back to the hospital. My brothers went home with grandpa by the time I got there. My father was the only one that had stayed.

Walking into my mothers room I saw my dad holding her hand and his head on the bed. They were both asleep and it was cute. I took my phone out and took a photo of it.

I walked over to my dad and tapped on his shoulder.

"Dad. Here." I handed him the cup of coffee I had left.

"Thanks." He said with a morning voice.

"Why don't you go home with the boys? Get a shower and some rest. I'll call you if anything happens?"

He smiled at me. "Alright but I won't be long. Hour tops."


He left and I sat down with my mom. I pulled her hand to me and held it.

There is a lot of 16 and up in this book. I did it that way for the book. There not to much either because I don't go into grave detail because mostly I don't like writing that. I try my best on the books I write and do it the way that I enjoy. So if you don't like the book then don't read it. Ok sorry wanted to rant. I'm done now.

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