No call

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Killian's P.O.V

I sat that the table waiting for the girls. I was so scared for tonight.  Audrey had told me that she felt it was time to tell Gabriella that I was her dad.

I was scared that I was going to mess something up. I never knew I would have a kid. If you had asked me that months ago I probably would have thought you were crazy. But now I see that I love Gabriella and I'm so happy that she's my daughter. I want to be apart of her life. Just like Audrey.

I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 30 minuets past what Audrey said she would be hear. I grabbed my phone and saw no texts or calls from her.

I waited a few more minutes till I started to get worried. When my phone buzzed I picked it up real fast and answered.


"No sir I'm a nurse at the hospital. I'm sorry to tell you but Miss D'Amore and her daughter were in a car accident. We were just calling the last number that was used to tell someone about it."

"What hospital?"

When the nurse told me the hospital I ran to get to my car. I couldn't believe that they were in a car accident.

Getting to the hospital I ran in and went to the front desk.

"Where are  AudreyD'Amore and the little girl that came in with her." I said to the woman who looked like she couldn't care.

"Sir I need you to calm down. The little girl is in surgery and Aubrey is in the room down the-"

I didn't even let her finish before I was off. I ran down and asked a doctor and he pointed to the last door down the hall.

When I got there I saw  Audrey in the bed hooked up to a Machine with a bunch of wires.

My whole body felt as the air was taken out of me.

I walked over to her and sat down looking at her.

She had so many cuts and bruises on her. It hurt to see her like this.

There was a knock on the door and in walked a man with a white coat.

"I'm doctor Reno. I was the one that took care of Aubrey here." He gave me his hand and I shook it.

"What happened to her?"

"Well She was in a pretty bad accident. I'm surprised that she wasn't a lot worse with how bad the car was."

I looked down at her and picked up her hand.

"Her leg is sprained really bad and her shoulder was out of its socket. We were able to pop it back in after she went unconscious. A few bruised ribs but she's going to be fine. She's going to be in a lot of pain but nothing that won't go away."

"What about our daughter." I said softly looking at Aubrey.

He didn't say anything. I looked to him and saw that he was looking down.

"It's hard to say how she is. She has a broken leg and wrist. She broke 3 of her ribs puncturing her lung which then caused it to collapse." I felt Like I was going to pass out.

"We took her into surgery and she should be out soon. It looks like she took most of the hit. The little girl had an angel with her though. Just like her mom she should have been injured a lot more."

A tear fell from my eye when I thought about Gabriella. My sweet little girl.

"When is she going to be out." I said trying to hide the hurt.

"Not to long. When she is I will let you know. For now I'll leave you to think about everything." He gave me a small sad smile before walking out.

Looking back to Audrey I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed it as the tears fell.

"God you need to wake up. You need to be here for Gabriella. Don't leave me. I just got you back."

The beeping sound went weird. It started to slow down and I freaked out. I ran to the door and called for someone.

"Audrey" I said running back to her and trying to pick her up.

"Wake up." I said holding her face in my hands.

"Sir we need you to move back." A nurse came in and pulled me back as everyone surround her. I watched as they brought out another Machine and started it up. I watched as they put it to her chest and it made her body jump forward but nothing happened.

Please let her be ok.

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