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Only You  by volleyball238
Only You by volleyball238
It's been 5 years since 18 year old Aubrey D'Amore has been Home. She comes home to the family that she left years ago. She also comes back to the man that she thought...
Loved and Lost by KimemilyBTSarmy
Loved and Lostby Kim Emily
Hii my dear ARMYs... This is Fanfriction in which Taehyung Cheated on Y/n . I hope you like it. The characters are mine but Taehyung and any other idols mentioned aren't...
Pokemon Fanfic: The Betrayal ✅ by JeffreyKim581
Pokemon Fanfic: The Betrayal ✅by xXMidnightSoulXx
When Ash comes home from competing in the Kalos League, he is betrayed by his closest friends and wants to prove them wrong. It is 5 years he and his true friends went m...
5 years without you//J.JK  by Jennie102803
5 years without you//J.JK by Jennie
What happens after one left 5 years ago and returns. He left her broken, sad, hurt, and disappointed. But it wasn't easy on his side either, he had to leave the one he...
Does true love ever exist? yes... or maybe no...! maybe an attraction.... ... step into the story of Our one and only cutest "Mr Raval" and his wife.. what hap...
naked || seoyoungho by Passionfruit7
naked || seoyounghoby passionfruit
the first time she saw him naked was accidental. the second time wasn't. ⋆ 1.1 || Johnny Seo (NCT) fanfic [highest ranks: #1 in youngho] {...
Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam (ON HOLD) by Divya_Mehra
Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam (ON HOLD)by Divya Mehra
"Why Nandini? Kyun diya tumne mujhe itna bada dhoka?" Manik broke down. "Why Manik? Kyun nahi kiya tumne mujhpe bharosa?" Nandini sobbed. ...
The Rejected Luna by AuthorZee01
The Rejected Lunaby Majekodunmi Zainab
Prologue "You are no fit to be a Luna,look can't even shift for fuck's sake . How can you be my Luna,I can't ever make you my Luna" he said...
The Light in the Dark by Actressgirl123
The Light in the Darkby Marie 💕
Valkyrie x Loki When Thanos shows up to Asgard's ship for Loki. It tares the lovers Valkyrie and Loki apart forever... or so they thought... Story complete: August 24, 2...
The Dragon Master by Cozzixxx02
The Dragon Masterby Cozzixxx02
yeah... yeah... another runaway story, but i kinda liked some stories i read so... i decided that i want to make my version of this tory :) (HICCSTRID) (SAD ENDING) --&g...
Raising Joey ( Jelena Fanfic) by Meek_Mely
Raising Joey ( Jelena Fanfic)by Jemma
Sequel to The Worst Neighborhood. It's a five part story. Selena and Justin are welcoming a new little guy to their family Joseph Drew Bieber. Raising a child is hard. S...
Logon (BWWM) by RylanCunnigham
Logon (BWWM)by RylanCunnigham
Logan and Jordan have been a couple sins they were 15 there 20 now. Logan has always loved music and when he has the chance to open for a show he takes it and gets a rec...
stories from Belwood: the twin invasions. by crystal_pro_2024
stories from Belwood: the twin inv...by crystalline productions 2024
5 years after the events of ben gen rex, rex has moved up to being part of providence's special forces team. however, when an encounter with a new Evo reviles some mind...
Here we are (fiolee and finnciline) by JacquelineDiouf
Here we are (fiolee and finnciline)by JacquelineDiouf
When the monster ratings in ooo go down,Finn and Fionna go on a quest with their big brother Penn, cake, and, Jake. When the journey ended, they come back to 5 years lat...
promise me forever by fateemoore
promise me foreverby Fatimoore
Daniel Rodriguez was the youngest billionaire. He was a playboy, mean and egoistic . But before all this he was once Roselina Bestfriend and he faced her a promise. Rose...
1825 by Itsyagirl_Angel
1825by 🖤
This is a book full of poems, song lyrics that I modified or changed or random texts. I'm waiting for a boy for 5 years...I don't know if he'll find somebody else or I'l...
Is it only for laughs *Malvie* by Audrey_Rose_Beauty
Is it only for laughs *Malvie*by Marlos_Fan
After one night of Mal and Evie being drunk they for married because they thought it was hilarious Ben and Doug didn't like it though but the two stayed married for 5 ye...
I Was only 13? by swirlpopbear
I Was only 13?by swirlpopbear
What are they doing, Abigail Taylor and Carson West. They are falling in love. NO THEY ARENT! Yes they are! Or are they. They have feelings and later Abigail later wants...
Endless Chase by quencocs
Endless Chaseby ghostwriter
Rowlene and Matt have been close friends for a few years , what happens when one of them starts getting feelings for the other. Will it make or break their friendship.
Hopefully he won't get you too.......(completed story) by nevaeh0789
Hopefully he won't get you too...by nevaeh0789
Hi I'm Julie Michael and I'm hear to tell you my story about what happened to me for 5 years of my life the most terrible and terrifying thing that could ever happend to...