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"So Audrey you just got back for London. How was it?" Daniel asked me.

"It was a fun experience. I missed my family though." I said giving a glare to my father. He didn't look at me for long before he cast his eyes away.

"What did you get to see?"

"Not a lot. We weren't aloud off the campus."

"Wow So you stayed there the whole time?" I nodded my head and started to eat.

My father and them started to talk as I dose off. I looked to see that Marco had his head In his bowl at one point and I laughed. He must be having a ruff morning.

My mother was talking to my grandpa and laughing. She was so young and still happy as ever. I felt a tear come to my eyes but I blocked it out.

"How does that sound Audrey?" My fathers voice made me look to him.

"What? Oh right that sounds great." What was it?

"Great we will have a nice family outing at the golf course.

Golf! I can't golf.

"That's Great. Then it's settled." I sat there trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

"Hey Audrey where did you get that mark?" Thomas asked making my cheeks go red. I saw him pointing to my neck and I brought my hand up. I felt the pain in my neck and knew what had happened. I glared at Killian and saw him smiling with his head down.

"Yeah Audrey where did you get that?" Killian asked trying to contain his smile. He found enjoyment from my struggles.

"I must have gotten it last night." I hissed looking to him.

"Sorry I asked." Thomas chuckled looking back to his food.

"It looks like someone was bitting you." Carlos questioned looking mad.

"It's nothing." I gave him a harsh glare that shut him right up.

Everyone went quite and we ate.

"Audrey would you like to take a walk in the garden when we're done?" Daniel asked.

"I would love that." I smiled to him and jumped when I felt something go to my leg.

I looked to the side and saw Killian talking to my mom. I looked down to see that it was indeed his hand on my leg. I grabbed his hand and tried to push it off but he had a grip on my leg. 

"Audrey are you ok? You look like your scared?" I looked up to Thomas.

"Why do you care?" I hissed. I saw the shock in his eyes and I felt bad.

"I'm sorry. I'm fine really." The hand moved closer to the inside of my thigh and I closed them.

I grabbed the water in front of me and took some of it. Killian was still taking up a conversation with my mother while he did this to me.

I wanted to stop him but another part of me didn't. I have to...right?

I felt his finger go over me down there and I jumped getting up.

"Daniel why don't we go for that walk?"

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