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The song was a slow song. I watched as everyone found some one to dance with. I saw my father smile and take my mother's hand. I saw Marco and Kyla walk out together.

I took a sip of my drink and watched thinking to myself. Was Daniel really what I wanted? Did I want to spend the rest of my life with him like this?

"Would you like to dance?" I turned to see a man in a dark suit and mask. His hair was slicked back but one piece of it was hanging low. I looked at his eyes and instantly felt like I knew him.

"Sure." I took his hand.

He lead me out to the dance floor and pulled me to him.

I followed his moves and let him lead me around the room. His eyes were Were I looked. I couldn't stop.

"Your waring the bracelet." He said huskily and I knew I was right.

"Killian." I whispered looking up at him. A small smile went to his lips as we swayed around to the music.

I needed to see if this was it. If this was what I wanted. I needed to figure things out.

I jumped up and placed my lips to him. He reacted fast by pulling me closer to him.

Everything in me felt alive when he kissed me. I never felt this way when I kissed Daniel. Nothing was like this.

Killian and I were pulled apart and I watched as Killian was hit.

"DANIEL" I screamed as I watched him jump for him.

Killian and Daniel went down to the ground together punching and hitting each other.

Killian's mask was punched off when Daniel hit him.

"STOP" I screamed as everyone started to crowd around.

Killian kicked daniel to the ground and got on top of him and started punching and punching him. Finally Thomas and Carlos got to them and pulled them away from each other.

"YOU KISSED HER." Daniel screamed kicking trying to get away from Thomas. Killian whipped the blood off of his lip and picked up his mask.

"She didn't stop me. Looks like You don't give her what she wants." Daniel went to hit him again but Thomas stopped him.

" Audrey tell him that you love me." Daniel screamed looking to me. I was shocked. I looked in between him and Killian.

"Audrey?" Daniel said in a sad voice.

"BRIANNA" I heard my dad scream my mothers name. I turned to see my mom on the floor in my dads arms.

"Mom" I ran to them and fell down next to her.

"Mom. Mom look at me." I said as I pulled the mask off of her.

"SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR." Carlos  screamed getting down next to us.

I looked to my father and saw him crying for the first time ever. He held my mother as we all watched. He didn't let go of her hand even as the paramedics put her in the car.

We all rushed to the hospital still dressed for the ball. We all looked so crazy but we couldn't care less.

We were waiting in the waiting room for them to say anything about my mother. It had been 3 hours and still nothing.

I sat on a chair covering my body with the dress. It was cold in here and I had nothing but the dress.

My grandpa sat down next to me and I put my head on his shoulder.

"Is she going to be ok?" I asked in a soft voice.

"I don't know." He sounded like he lost hope.

"She told me to send you in though." When he said that I was up real fast. I ran down the hall to her room and walked in. I saw her look to me with her bright smile. They had taken her wig off so I saw how she really looks.

"Mom." I couldn't stop my lip from quivering.

"Come here baby." She opened her arms for me and I ran right into them.

"Mommy please tell me your going to be ok." I cried. I cried because I couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Oh baby I'm going to be just fine." She pulled my head up to look at me.

"I'll always be with you no matter what." She smiled but it broke my heart what she said.

"What will I do with out you though?"

"Like I said Follow your heart and not your head." She said that to me a lot when I was a kid. I really hope I can follow it. I think I knew how to start that off.

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