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Only You  by volleyball238
Only You by volleyball238
It's been 5 years since 18 year old Aubrey D'Amore has been Home. She comes home to the family that she left years ago. She also comes back to the man that she thought...
Long time no see... by TheOneWhereSheReads
Long time no see...by AnonymousPanda
Not good at descriptions... Percy looks back, he was leaving. He was going to ask the gods to kill him because he for once, selfishly, wanted to go to Elysium. Wait, rew...
The Bad Batch: Silent as a Mouse by RoyallyKT
The Bad Batch: Silent as a Mouseby ♡Katie♡
Clone Force 99 is a special ops team of four enhanced clone troopers, all created with a special abilities. But what if there was one more? CT-9916, also known as Mouse...
a christmas of second chances 🍒 snamione. by InsufferableKnowItAl
a christmas of second chances 🍒 s...by — severus’ slut
A CHRISTMAS OF SECOND CHANCES ━━ ❝ severus and hermione are sadly divorced due to such circumstances one can only say are notable. but over their old time of love, they...
To far by BrylieWarner2
To farby notbrylie
Just read it. trust. please. It's my first book
The Ex-Boyfriend.[J-Hope FF 21+] by Kaymin29
The Ex-Boyfriend.[J-Hope FF 21+]by Song-I🌸
You And your boyfriend are playing on doing something as you were taking you a nice old shower you had a feeling that you were gonna meet someone that you haven't seen i...
If Only - A shipping story (Book 1) by DragonQueen227
If Only - A shipping story (Book 1)by DragonQueen227
Ash, a fifteen year old boy from Palet Town has made it to Lumiose City along with Serena, a fifteen year old girl who is a Pokemon Performer, Clemont, a fifteen year ol...
start again » barça „ bayern m. by philmaruniverse
start again » barça „ bayern m.by ✨
» One is the world star German, Bayern Munich's fútbol player. » The other one is world wide known FC Barcelona's assistant manager.
Jason x Emma by WR15DEATH
Jason x Emmaby WR15DEATH
This is fanfiction to make her cringe and die and have a heart attack, and for all those Jason/Emma couples out there. She knows who she is.
Long Time No See by Walkingdead3214
Long Time No Seeby Walkingdead3214
Angel Pheonix Dixon is a 16 year old girl on her own in the apocalypse. Her parents got a divorce when she was really young. Her mom never let her see her father. When h...
The Ex-wife's Revenge. by ading_jhane
The Ex-wife's Revenge.by Jennevie Centino
"For better and for worst but only in your dreams" ... Teka? Bakit ang sakit? Ganito ba talaga magmahal? Kelangan na lang sumugal at kapag andyan na, basta bas...
A Magician's Addiction by kristina120956
A Magician's Addictionby kristina120956
A young magician, multiple times on America's Got Talent, had been friends with Logan Paul since the first day of school. After moving to L.A. their relationship has cha...
Happy Gajevyeen (Locked In the School) by MezSmoo
Happy Gajevyeen (Locked In the Sch...by MezSmoo
Levy stayed after to do some work and Gajeel stayed after because he wanted to make sure she was safe but I guess the janitor thought everyone was out of the building so...
mean girls:the new year by Miners_Wonder
mean girls:the new yearby Miners_Wonder14
this girl named ameila Barbara goes to her new high school and the first day she starts to like this boy named Jacob camellia,they were best friends in elementary schoo...
"Long Time No See..." (MLB Fanfic) by Colie-Coaster-4
"Long Time No See..." (MLB Fanfic)by Colie-Coaster-4
"Wow...long time no see." During high school, Marinette and Adrien were known as 'the high school sweet-hearts' and many people thought that they would live ha...
Long Time No See [C.D.] by happypizza123
Long Time No See [C.D.]by dizzy
What happens when Renee and Cameron meet up again? Will they be back together? Or will other obstacles stand in the way? Read to find out. Sequel to Mr. Dallas, My Teach...
Don't Push Me by starbucks_turtle
Don't Push Meby Cas
What happens when a guy and a girl break up because the girl has to move schools? Well here's your answer, Hunter is a 17 year old guy who is about to graduate from High...
Forever and Always (Bobby of iKon FanFic) by idktae
Forever and Always (Bobby of iKon...by idktae
You are a 19 year old girl named Jade Song. 4 years ago, you broke up with your ex boyfriend Bobby who is now a famous YG trainee who is about to debut. For 4 whole year...
Within The Palace by bushitashiwo
Within The Palaceby Woshiyigegayboi
Taekyung is an omega. He was working at a Kisaeng house before he was bought and taken to the Palace in Gyeongju. He's not sure why he's there, but he makes the best of...