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Walking out of the room my brothers went in. I walked down the hall and found Daniel sitting looking down at his phone. I looked to see Killian talking to my grandpa.

"Daniel can I talk to you?" He jumped up and ran to me.

"Let's go for a walk." I said as I pulled him out.

"How is she?" He asked as we stepped out side into the hallway.

"She's doing ok now. They don't know what happened just yet."

"That's good that she's ok." I nodded my head and looked down. How was I supposed to do this?

"Audrey." Daniel pulled my head up to look at him.

"What is going on? Why didn't you stop that kiss?" I felt the tears in my eyes but I kept them at bay.

"Daniel you deserve someone who will love you 100%. Someone who can give you that love to." I looked up at him bitting my lip.

"I'm not that girl." I saw tears in his eyes as he looked down the hallway.

"Is it because of that guy?" He turned back to me fighting everything that he really wanted to say.

"No. It's not even close. I just don't think I can give you anything that you need. We both want different things. You need someone who will give you everything. I really wish it could be me but I just can't." I let a tear slip out as I looked down at the necklace he gave me.

I pulled it off and grabbed his hand. I placed it into his hand and closed it up.

"Your going to find someone that you will love and who loves you just as much even more. It's just not me." He looked down at his hand and held back everything.

"Goodbye Daniel." I kissed him on the cheek walking off. It took everything in me not to turn back and beg him to forgive me. But the one part of me felt like Something was pulled off my shoulders.

I walked over to my grandpa and Killian.

"I think you should take Aubrey home for us." My grandpa said getting up and pulling me to him.

"Of course." Killian got up.

"You ok Fiore?" He asked me. I looked to him and put a weak smile up.

"I will be. Call me if anything happens." He smiled and nodded his head.

He let go of me and I looked to Killian.

"You ready?"


The car ride was silent. I did see Killian look at me a few times like he wanted to say something but he stopped himself.

When we got into the house I ran up and got a shower. I cried in there for a few minutes but then got out. I put a pair of shorts on with a tank top and walked down to the living room.

Killian took of his coat and rolled up his sleeves as he turned the tv on.

"I was going to call for pizza if that's ok?" He said when he saw me. I nodded my head and walked in sitting on the couch.

When the pizza got here we ate and watched a movie.

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