Let it happen

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When I woke I turned to see that I was in bed by myself. Killian left? Where did he go? 

I was so worried that I did something now. I can't believe I let that happen again. I should have stopped it. But it was everything I wanted.

I got up got a shower and got changed. Going down to the living room I saw that the boys were all there with Mom Dad and grandpa. They were watching a movie. I sat in between my mom and Marco.

"What's on?" I asked clearing my voice.

"Some romantic movie that Mom wanted." Thomas said rolling his eyes.

"You can leave anytime you want."  Mom said looking to him.

I giggled and put my head on her shoulder.

"Hey so I'm going out to night with Killian. He wants to go out and get a girl. If that's ok." Carlos said to my mother. What I heard only hurt me more. I don't know what I did and why he left like that.

"That's fine. Just please don't come home stumping drunk like Marco did last weekend."

"Hey In my defense I wasn't that drunk." Marco tried to save himself.

"Marco you came into my room that night and asked me if I knew where Batman had parked the batmobel." Thomas said making all of us laugh.

"You know we had a name for someone like you In our town." Grandpa said to Marco.

"What is it?"

"Stupido." Almost everyone knew what that meant

"What is that?" Marco asked...well almost everyone.

"Don't worry son." My father patted him on the back with a look of disappointment.

The rest of the night was quite and everyone went to bed early. I sat up that night trying to figure out what I had done to make Killian leave so fast. It broke my heart that he has said nothing to me about anything. He used me. I let him use me. I fell asleep crying.

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