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5 Months pasted and I still hadn't talked or see Killian. I've heard from Carlos that he's somewhere in Italy with his family for vacation.

As the months went on me and Daniel have gotten closer. He's a sweet boy and I know that I would be happy with him. My father was most happy that we were getting a long.

I sat at a Long table with my family and Daniel next to me. We were having our normal Friday night dinner together.

"Me and the boys are going out tonight if that's alright with you guys." Thomas asked my parents.

"Yeah don't stay out to long we have that big lunch tomorrow for your sisters birthday." My father picked up his glass as he warned him.

"Oh right. Your going to be the big 19" Marco said pushing his shoulder into my side.

"Yes She is And we have all of the people showing up at 12:00." Mother said. My mother was getting some strength back. She was looking better but still continued to live her days in the Library. Sometimes my father will sit in there with her. It's cute that they still act like teenagers when there together. They really love each other.

"Well dinner was great thanks Mom." Carlos got  up kissing my moms check.

"Boys let's go get ready." Thomas and Marco left with him.

"Audrey I talked to my friend. He said he really liked your photos." My grandfather said with a bright smile. I had told my grandpa about the photos that I liked to take. He said he had an old friend with a photo gallery. He gave some of my work to him.

"He said that he would really like to talk to you about some of it."

"Really?" I asked sounding like a school girl.

"That's great Audrey." My mother smiled.

"She doesn't have time for that." We all looked to my father who continued to eat his stake.

"She's got to study for her test. She's got a real job to look out for." I had started school a few months back. My father thought it would be a good idea to go for business.

It was quite. I looked to Daniel and saw him looking at his phone. Probably looking at something for work.

" excuse me." I said getting up and walking out of the room. I walked to the back door and walked out letting the tears fall from my eyes.

I looked down at the pool that only 5 months ago I was swimming in. Now as the October wind comes I only have the cold.

I remember how carefree my summer was. The nights I would spend out with the boys looking up at the stars. The trips we took to our shore house to stay for the week and have so much fun. They all seamed so far away now.

Looking at the empty pool I remembered that it was there me and Killian and spent that one night were I let him have something so close to me. The tears fell as I realized he was probably somewhere at a party with another girl forgetting about me.

I still wonder if he thinks about me. I still don't know why he left me. It hurts even more now when I still think about it.

Taking a deep breath in I wiped the tears away and put a smile on my face.

"I'm going to head home. I have some work things to take care of. I'll see you tomorrow." Daniel smiled kissing me and he walked off to his car. I watched him leave and waved as we did.

When he was gone I went into the library and sat with my mother. I picked up a book and started to look through it.

"So are you ready for your birthday?" She beamed. I knew that she had worked hard for my party. It was tHe first one in years that I was spending with the family.

"Yes. Thank you again for letting me have one."

"Of course sweetie. Now why don't you go get some rest. You have a big day a head" I smiled and got up kissing her on the head.

"Goodnight Mother." I said as I walked out of the room to my room.

I got a shower and dried off. I put a long t-shirt on that covered me so I didn't need shorts. Walking to my bed I looked at the dress I had to wear tomorrow. It was classy and elegant. My mother wanted me to wear it because we had most of my fathers clients coming over.

I sighed and got into bed. I don't know how long it took but I did fall asleep.

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