Letting Me Go

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I ran to my room and started packing a bag. I got Changed and got my things. I packed anything I knew I needed. I got my camera ready.

I left a note for my father and brothers. It said that I just needed time. I needed to find myself before I could do what I needed. I also explained why me and Daniel won't work out.

I grabbed everything and walked out of m room. Walking into my dads room I put the note on his nightstand. I kissed him on the head and walked out of the room. Running down the hall I jumped when I saw a shadow.

It was my grandpa. He saw me and smiled.

"Your going to need this." He handed me a envelope that looked big.

"Why? Why are you letting me go?" I asked completely confuse as to why he was letting me do this.

"You need to be free. You'll find your way back one day." He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. "Go have fun."

I smiled and felt a tear fall from my eye.

"Addio Papa." I said walking to the front door. I had gotten a cap and got in.

I told him to go to the bus station and I watched as my house went out of view.

"Addio" I whispered looking back and sitting down.

I was saying goodbye to the past and going forward with everything.

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