Come With Me

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I put her pjs on her and then got mine on. Killian was waiting out in the kitchen for me.

"Thank you for today. I know she really loved it."

"Yeah of course. It was fun." I walked over to the fridge and pulled out two beers.

"You want one?" I asked holding it to him.

"Yeah thanks."

We walked out to the balcony and sat with our drinks.

"So How was San Diego? The job??"

"Well I got it. I also got bumped up to Be the boss later on since the first boss was retiring."

"That's really good Killian. I know you worked really hard for that." I had looked him up before. He had become a billionaire after only months of working there. He owned a lot of business in San Diego now.

"Yeah. How about you? I heard that you stopped going to college for business?"

"Yeah well let's just say that wasn't going anywhere anyway." I took a sip of my drink and pulled my knees close to me.

"Why didn't you tell me I had a daughter Audrey?"

I looked to him and saw he wanted to have this conversation now.

"Because you had the job Killian. I didn't want to do that to you. Besides I was just a kid when I found out. You wouldn't have known what to do. I barely did."

"You weren't a kid. I only said that because I kept thinking that you were Carlos's sister. You were always that little kid that I would know as his little sister and if I told him that I wanted to be with you, he would have killed me."

"Look Killian it's ok. Maybe you were right. Maybe we weren't supposed to be together."

"That's not true and you know it." He said as his voice got lower.

"I can't do this." I got up and put the drink down running into the house.

"I've been gone for 5 years and I never knew I had a kid. I spent five years hoping that you had moved on. I wanted you to because I believed that I wasn't good for you." He followed me into the house.

"I didn't want to tell you because the job was more important."

"Bullshit." He screamed and I covered his mouth.

"She's sleeping I said dropping my hand when I realized what I did.

"That's not true. You didn't want to call because you didn't want to get hurt again."

"So what if your right?" I hissed turning back to him. "You did leave me three times. How could I trust that you were going to stay if you came into Gabriella's life... if you came back into mine?"

"I wanted you to come with me." He said grabbing onto my arms.

"I couldn't Killian and you know I couldn't. I wouldn't have been happy. My mother was dying. I needed to stay with her." The last part I said in a whisper.

"She died?" He said lowly.

"A few days after you left." He looked down at me with sad eyes.

"You needed someone that was going to be there for you Killian. I wasn't that girl. I couldn't trust that you would be there if I told you about Gabriella to." I pulled away and walked over to the kitchen to clean up.

"Well I'm here now and I want to be apart of her life. I want to be apart of yours."

"Your only here for a month Killian. Don't make this hard. I don't want to clean up all the tears when she wakes up one day and your back in San Diego."

"Then come with me." My eyes almost popped out of my face.

"What!" I screamed

"I'm not there anymore. I was moved to New York. I'm back home." New York. I haven't been home in years. The boys all still lived there. My dad and grandpa still did to.

"Your crazy." I went to walk away but he blocked me and pushed me to the counter. I could feel everything pick up when he got close.

"Please come with me. Let me be apart of your life." I looked into his eyes and remembered all the times we had. It was hard to hide that I still loved him.

"It wouldn't hurt to see the family..."

He smiled and grabbed my face kissing me. He pulled back and he was as shocked as I was.

He looked down at me and I felt everything in me come alive again. Like we both knew what we were thinking he grabbed my waist putting me on the counter and I grabbed his hair pulling him to kiss me again.

It had been so long since I last felt his lips and man did I miss it. I heard him moan when I pulled his hair.

He pulled me closer and bit my lip making me squeal. When we pulled back he put his head to mine.

"We will leave the week before Christmas." He said out of breath. Backing up he helped me down.

"If I don't stop now I don't think I will. I haven't had you in so long and I don't know how long I can control myself. Goodnight Aubrey." He pushed back some of my hair and kissing me one last time before he walked out.

What had I just agreed to? Was I going crazy?

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